20 Tweets: Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

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The topic of cheating in Magic can bring out visceral responses in people. The reputation (deserved or not) of the Star City Games Open Series was slightly damaged with the suspensions of Edgar Flores and Alex Bertocini. This weekend at SCG Detroit history started to repeat itself. Twitter exploded when people witnessed what appeared to be a blatant on-camera cheat by John Elden. To make matters worse Elden went on to place in the Top 8.  Star City Games was prepared this time and when the head judge was notified the decision to disqualify Elden from the event was swiftly handed down.

This left many people discussing, “Why would someone cheat on camera?” Many articles have been written about the psychology of cheating; like this recent one from the NY Times. Many people on twitter couldn’t grasp the boldness of it. What do you think makes someone engage in such risky behavior on camera? Arrogance? Pressure? Pride?

https://twitter.com/GLG5/status/217047578511032320 https://twitter.com/Tolaria_DWest/status/217045948549971970 https://twitter.com/Tolaria_DWest/status/217055078945783808 https://twitter.com/AllSunsDawn/status/217069402850459651 https://twitter.com/iamjcal/status/217254422651224064 https://twitter.com/andrea2s1/status/217264955014131712 https://twitter.com/AdamNightmare/status/217294119708524544

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