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20 Tweets: GP Indianapolis

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media

Grand Prix Indianapolis went old school with Legacy legends like Caleb Durward and Tom Martell making Top Eight. There was a little grumbling about lack of available sustenance (players need fuel for their magical powers, you know), but overall it seemed to be a smooth event.  The finals consisted of UW Stone-Blade, Faithless Dredge, GW Aggro, Pascal’s “Maverick without Stoneforge”, High Tide, Esper Stone Blade, RUG Delver, and Canadian Threshold. At the final table, Kenny Castor and Tom Martell went to Game Three for a Legacy match of the ages. Only one of these greats could hoist the trophy, with your GP Legacy Champion being Tom Martell!

Heather Meek (@RevisedAngel)

(Spoiler Alert:  The internet is a very adult place.  If your children participate in MTG with you like mine do, then please check out all links, articles, and podcasts for adult content before allowing them view/listen. )


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