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20 Tweets: GPBBQ

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media


I finally get to cover a tournament I actually went to, and I have to tell you that I did amazing this weekend. I ate some barbecue and hung out and lost a lot of Magic. I’d say that I at least did better than the second-place finisher. Too soon? Well enough about me, let’s take a look at what actually happened!

With almost 1,000 players at GP Kansas City, the room was comfortable and filled with pros. Modern is apparently a more diverse format than some might previously have said, given the Top 8 held a grand total of eight (yeah, that’s right) different decks and the Day 2 field had at least one Stacks player making his opponents think twice about how much they actually like playing Magic.

Of course, there were those who didn’t make Day 2, but for those fine folk, BBQ awaited. Everyone watching at home seemed to come to a similar consensus of “I wish I was there to get some barbecue and so I wouldn’t have to listen to the coverage team blunder about the Modern format.”  Of course, the actual matches were mostly entertaining right up until the finals, which was decided by a Faerie bad scoop. OK, I’ve made too many jokes about that; I’ll concede the point.


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