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20 Tweets: Pro Tour Return to Ravnica

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media

Pro Tour Return to Ravnica come home to Seattle, the mother land, to battle Modern. Players on and off camera struggled with rapidly changing trigger rules and issues with life total changes. Perhaps taking a cue from Yuuya Watanabe’s Player’s Championship win, about 1/3 of the field played Jund–much to Twitter’s consternation. Yuuya himself carved his way to the finals to face Stanislav Cifka, who went an amazing 17-1 to into the finals. Cifka’s Leyline of Sanctity shut down Yuuya’s anti-combo tools and, much to Twitter’s further consternation, Cifka’s Eggs combo (dubbed “Second Breakfast”) took the match 3-1 while Yuuya helpfully counted Storm and mana for Cifka.

In other news, Aaron Forsythe stepped in to the booth to signal Wizard’s willingness to experiment in support of the Modern format. Mid-next year, a Modern Masters set reprinting important modern cards (Goyf!) will see a limited run of boosters. We’ll even have a Modern Masters draft Grand Prix. Could this help transition Modern from a Magic Online format to a paper format as well?


Heather Meek
@RevisedAngel on Twitter

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