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20 Tweets: SCG DC

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media

Star City Games set Open Series attendance records for both Standard and Legacy this weekend in the nation’s capital. Saturday’s Standard event was taken down by Reid Duke with a Wolf Run Blue deck featuring Frost Titan, Phantasmal Image and Temporal Mastery. Reid had to carve his way through a top 8 that was 50% UW Delver decks. Sunday’s Legacy event proved to be the life aquatic: Merfolk was everywhere. Sadly, the fish were clearly spawning upstream. The top 8 for Legacy featured zero Merfolk decks, with only one making it in to top 16 at 15th. Only a rogue Storm deck disturbed the otherwise lumpy top 8 of entirely Maverick, UW control (including Mr. Duke going for a Reidpeat of his Standard performance) and RUG Delver decks. Ultimately, Travis Gibson was able to pull the RUG out from under the competition and bring home the trophy.

https://twitter.com/BryceMenard/status/232089765791531008 https://twitter.com/BryceMenard/status/232159718192328704

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