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20 Tweets: SCG “Snow”pen New Jersey

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media

Despite the weather, Star City New Jersey proceeded on schedule with only a few minor disruptions due to the event staff relying on dog sleds during the Standard Open. Twitter was abuzz with the fact that enchantments on creatures is apparently good — this time in the form of an “unplayable” draft card: Volcanic Strength. Despite his Strength, Dan Walton did not advance through the Top 8. The finals came down to Chris Marshall’s Esper Control facing down Jund as played by William “Billy P” Postlethwait. Despite apparently having his Stomping Grounds lost in the blizzard, William emerged victorious.

As for Legacy, the cards got older and the play got looser. Jund may have had a strong showing in the previous Legacy Open, but the meta righted itself by putting four combo decks into Top 8 with nary a Bloodbraid Elf in sight. Despite a meta theoretically full of maindeck graveyard hate, Dredge went looking for brains. Geist of Saint Traft won by virtue of being a spirit and not technically having brains. Geist then lost to the eventual winner, Zach Mullin, who proved once again that putting a giant monster into play relatively early in a game is a good way to be victorious. Who knew?


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