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20 Tweets: Star City Dallas

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media

The Lone Star State enjoyed the return of the Star City Open Series over the weekend. With a remarkable turnout for Standard of nearly 600 players, 10 grueling rounds saw two Bant Hexproof decks into Top 8 as well as a spicy Four-Color Control list. Fortunately, fairer mechanics than hexproof won the day, with a finals matchup of Naya Humans being driven by Sean Thrasher against Will Craddock’s Zombies. Sean stayed true to his name and sent Will packing with a quick 2-0.

Legacy, as always, brought some exciting plays and of course some very, very unexciting plays. Most notably, Dredge enthusiast David Thomas managed to pilot a mulligan to three into a very decisive victory. Three combo decks, Stoneblade, and some folk who decided the most exciting thing to do in Legacy was attack with creatures all made Top 8. After his crushing defeat in the Finals earlier that morning, Will apparently decided that Dallas had not heard the last from him. He managed to dispatch Mark Hendrickson, on Junk, in three games, to become crowned the Dallas Legacy Champion.


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