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2013, Let’s Battle

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture

This type of article is really tough for me to write. It’s hard to capture our victories without sounding like I’m bragging and it’s hard to talk about our struggles without airing our “dirty laundry.” Without details we end up with an article that reads like this:

We had a great 2012 and 2013 will be even better!

But that doesn’t say anything and I don’t want to write the obligatory 2012 article. As awesome as 2012 was, I don’t want to look back.  Yesterday is gone and we’re here today. Let’s talk about today.

My Team is Awesome

You already know this but I wanted to take some time to recognize the core content team at Legit MTG. You only see the finished product so you don’t get to see the behind-the-scenes stuff; you don’t get to see all the hours that these guys (and angel) put in to give you something interesting to consume on a regular basis.

Jason Bailey Jason Bailey (Content Manager)

Jason has been instrumental in keeping the content on Legit MTG coming.  His work with the writers and scheduling content goes largely unseen but it’s crucial to our success. Now that Jason is at the helm it gives me the ability to dream up new content concepts and to build a better online store.

Justin Duewel-Zahniser (Editor in Chief)

I have a hard time scheduling Justin’s availability, because on top of being an amazing writer, he’s just as good at editing and developing content. There are days where I wonder how realistic it would be to devote part of the Legit MTG budget to cloning so that I can get a second Justin.

Heather Meek (Public Relations Director)

I don’t need to introduce this girl (read: angel). She’s the sweetheart of Legit MTG and our biggest promoter. Since the moment that she created 20 Tweets, she’s been coming up with and developing new content concepts. We don’t have enough people to pursue all the ideas that Heather comes up with but hopefully you’ll get to see some of these ideas take flight in 2013.

polishtamalesPolish Tamales (Brand Illustrator)

The artist known as Polish Tamales is incredibly talented but he’s also incredibly dedicated. He’s committed himself to see the Legit MTG vision and brand expand. I can’t image how time-consuming it was to do the artwork for FNM Hero every week. He puts a lot of effort into his work and it shows. I know that FNM Hero would not have enjoyed a fraction of its success without him.

Our Writers

Let’s be honest, none of the people writing for Legit MTG are doing it for the money (Spoiler: the money isn’t good). They write here because they’re passionate about their ideas and the game that we play. My hope is that Legit MTG can continue to be a place for writers to express themselves and take risks by trying different approaches and ideas for Magic content.


I’m adding you to the list of people who are responsible for our success. Your feedback and contributions in 2012 were really important in helping to guide the direction of the site. With a new year we have a new opportunity to re-focus the content again. I’d like to get your opinion on what you want to see in 2013, so fill out the polls and leave your thoughts in the comments.

What type of content would you like to see MORE of in 2013?

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What content medium would you like to see MORE of in 2013?

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What content medium would you like to see LESS of in 2013?

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What type of content would you like to see LESS of in 2013?

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Also, we’re currently accepting submissions from writers. If you want to contribute to Legit MTG in a bigger way be sure to check out our “Write for Us” page.

What’s in Store(.legitmtg.com)

For those of you who don’t know, we do sell Magic cards. We try not to hit you over the head with it in the content but I want to talk about some cool things that we’re doing on the store side of things. When we started this website, our store was small. The prices have always been competitive but our selection was crappy. We’ve grown since then and we’re pretty well stocked on Standard staples. Our focus for 2013 will be to develop our Modern and EDH stock and to improve your shopping experience. To kick things of in 2013 we’ve rolled out two things.

Buylist — You can now sell cards to us using the buylist function on the site. A buylist is a living thing. Ours is updated regularly, but it’s easy for us to miss something. If you think we should be paying more for a card or if you have questions, feel free to contact buyer@legitmtg.com.

Free Shipping — There will be an official announcement on this, but we’re now offering free shipping on all orders greater than $2. Now people who want to grab a couple of small cards to finish a deck can order them without getting whacked by shipping fees. If that wasn’t enough, we’re also going to send it in this awesome envelope!


Two Thousand Thirteen

My plan for 2013 is the same as my plan for 2012, ATTACK! We’ve only been around 11 months and we’re already shaking things up. If you want to keep on top of all the awesome things that we’ll be doing in the new year make sure that you’re following us on Twitter @LegitMTG and that you “like us” on Facebook.

It’s 2013 and it’s time to throw down. Let’s battle.

Jonathan Medina

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