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5 Queues: Charging Through the Breach!

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Standard has become pretty boring to me. Typically I’ll keep three to five decks on my Magic: the Gathering Online account but nothing appeals to me in the format outside of the Black Red Devotion deck. I have no Standard decks on my account at all! I do have plenty of Theros Block decks (not sure why, it’s Standard lite, and there are fewer playable decks in that format than there are in Standard.) a few Legacy decks (Thanks Lion’s Eye Diamond for being a promo card, and suddenly being affordable!) but the bulk of my MTGO playing right now is Modern.

On my Facebook page I asked if anyone else was disenchanted by Standard. I know I am, but I could not figure out why. Legitmtg.coms own Jason Clark explained it like this:

There’s just so much depth in the Modern card pool to allow brewing without being punished by turn 1-2 combo decks or Force of Will.

That resonated with me. Being able to pretty much play anything that I want in format, from Ironworks, to Zoo, to Affinity to Tron makes me happy! Sure there are very solid decks, Tarmotwin, Storm, UWR Control are all great decks, but the card pool and it’s very large size allows for some fringe decks to come out and be successful as well. We’re not shoehorned into playing the same old Mono Black Devotion. In fact the card pool allows for a ton of diversity (Of course while I am glorifying the diversity in the card pool of the format the video I will present later on shows otherwise, as I played similar decks all day long.) while I was testing the Krark-Clan Ironworks deck, I played against 19 different decks, all of them ranging from best of the best (Splinter Twin to cards that see little play (Through the Breach).

It’s the last card that caught my eye this week while mining daily results. Through the Breach is a card that is pretty neat. It’s an instant speed Sneak Attack and while it’s seen some share of the limelight, (Todd Anderson championed this card for a while) it’s largely been an afterthought in the format. Of course that is why I love checking results every day! Every so often you’ll find a deck that does well, but never really gains traction. I believe that decks that go 4-0 are the beneficiary of good luck and good match-ups, so while I swoon over seeing neat decks, I want to put them through the grinder to see if they are for real or if they are fake. That’s why I’ve talked about KCI so much recently (that and come on, the deck is awesome!).

I guess this brings me to the deck we will be talking about today, a Blue Red UrzaTron based deck that features Gifts Ungiven, Through the Breach and Eldrazi monsters to come take a chunk of the opponent’s life total and permanents! Let’s take a look at the list!

Look at that deck! It can play like a Tron deck that powers out quick Eldrazi! It can play like a combo gifts deck that looks to one shot the opponent. It can play like a control deck! It does so many things! Does it do those things well? I’m not sure yet! Before I started to record I played the deck in a few two mans and went 2-0. I played against Kiki Pod and the amount of removal worked out in my favor, they were never really able to start their Birthing Pod chains. That was a good step! The second match-up also worked out in favor of the home team, when I battled Tarmotwin. The counter magic in the deck delayed their plan just long enough for me to cheat an Eldrazi into play which ended poorly for them when they no longer had any lands in play!

Feeling pretty good about the deck, I entered it into a Daily Event, where I hoped to replicate the results.

I got paired against Affinity twice, and played 16 turns of Magic combined over the next two rounds. I had a quick 0-2. While there is plenty of removal in our deck, we sometimes ran into issues of actually having the mana to cast it. Of course, we’re a tron deck, and we want to get it online as soon as possible, but sometimes that means we have to use Expedition Map to search up a red source. That disrupts our tron and slows us down, but if it keeps us in the game it has to be done right?

While an 0-2 record is nothing to be proud of, it did serve a very important educational purpose. It helped me learn when to take mulligans with the deck and it helped teach me what to expect with the deck in the aggro matches. Whereas the Ironworks deck can sometimes get there as early as turn four against aggro, it’s important to see that this version of tron is less combo and more control!

For the recording I did not have access to Crucible of Worlds. I wish I did have a copy of the card on my account but it was not to be this time around. I replaced it with a copy of Torpor Orb. It’s time to show off what the deck can do!

So I went 2-3 with the deck. Which was kinda disheartening. I also played against the weirdest things. I mean I really like Hero of Bladehold but last night must have been an aberration right? I did beat the pod deck that we saw later on, and that made me happy! Just the lack of action against the token decks made for a frustrated time. It made me question the inclusion of Pyroclasm. Is there a way to make it work with more Anger of the Gods or maybe even Firespout? Am I too worried about a deck that may not even be real? In my limited time with the deck it did well enough against the top decks in the format (twin and pod mainly) to make me really excited about the potential of it. If that holds true should I be really happy and continue to play it knowing that if my opponent taps out to cast Lingering Souls that I may kick my desk? Is Crucible of Worlds really needed? For that I am going to say yes, but I’m still kinda raging about having to deal with a deck that drew like infinite copies of Ghost Quarter against me.

We’ve taken a cursory glance at the deck, and I found it to be fun, so next week we’ll be taking a deeper look at the deck, and I’ll present my findings to all of you here at Legitmtg.com! It should be a fun ride! Thanks for checking this out, and make sure to leave your comments down below!

Joshua Claytor

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