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5 Queues: Writers Block 2 – Seventh Inning Fetch

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Last time I was here, I was hyped about getting ready for the Modern Festival on MTGO. Nothing has changed there, I’m still plenty excited to play in those events, I’ve just kinda cooled on the testing process a bit. There is a reason for that, and I guess it is best described as this. I get distracted easily. Not only does that happen, I also become hyper focused on things when I want to get something accomplished.

Sometimes those things are important, like making recordings for music schools or updating a resume for a neat job opportunity.

Sometimes those things are less important, like making sure you catch a Giant Sewer Rat in the sewers of Dalaran. The desire to add that pet to my collection on World of Warcraft pretty much had me sitting in front of the computer when I was not working in chunks of time, adding shiny bobbles to my fishing pole, and hoping that with each cast I would get the dirty rat.

It was around the three thousandth cast that I was beginning to think that the Giant Sewer Rat was a myth, when it finally came up. I have not fished since then, and have spent less time on the game, which is a good thing for my goal of getting the needed qualifier points to qualify for the MOCS.

I started my grind late this month, considering that I had not really cared. In fact I started it on Wednesday. There are only six days left in the season, and I got 9 points yesterday. I went 3-1 in the two dailies that I played in, won three eight person events and finished second in another. It was a pretty productive day, but I only played one Modern event.

I spent the day playing Standard mostly. I purchased a set of Goblin Rabblemasters from mtgotraders.com, and had to justify the expense. I’m sure that they are rotating out soon, and while I personally hate the card (Rabblemasters that is), I fell in love with a Collected Company deck from Grand Prix Paris.

Played by Yohan Dudognon, this Collected Company deck has a pretty neat cast of characters. It’s like an all-star roster of two and three drops in the Standard format. Need life? Here is Seeker of the Way. Need a hasty beater? Company is at the door in the form of Savage Knuckleblade and Mantis Rider. Rattleclaw Mystic gives the deck some acceleration into the key four casting cost spell, and Fleecemane Lion gives the deck another hard to deal with threat.

Collected Company is joined by some pretty sweet spells. There are four commands in the deck. Dromoka’s Command shines against Courser of Kruphix and can allow for some pretty sweet turns. More than once I two for oned my Courser playing opponent, making them sacrifice an enchantment and fighting one of their other creatures. Ojutai’s Command is outstanding against the fast red decks in the format, often times gaining you four life and returning a dead lion to play. The four life is a great bit of help in a deck that has a lot of pain lands. The new Cryptic Command is also a great card against Siege Rhino. Valorous Stance protects out creatures from removal or kills their Dragons, Rhinos, and Centaurs. Stoke the Flames gives the deck some reach, and a single Elspeth, Sun’s Champion rounds out the spells. While seemingly random as a one of, Elspeth saved my bacon more than once during my most recent grindfest.

I somehow managed to grind out the points that I needed for my Pernicious Deed and invite to a preliminary MOCS event, so I guess alls well that ends well?

Still do not like Rabblemaster though.

After MTGO came back up from downtime last week I wanted to start the grind for the Modern MOCS season. I figured the best way to do that would be to load up one of my most favorite Modern decks and sign up for an eight player queue. Gifts Tron is a super fun deck, but it does not lend itself well to playing a lot of matches in a short period of time, and while I am learning to multi-queue (my poor computer is not a fan of this.) it for sure does not go well with that either.

I started off the season pretty well, winning the first queue I played in with Gifts Tron. I ended up beating Team Geist, (which may not be the right deck, but I’m lazy and if I see you in Jeskai colors and have Geist of Saint Traft, I’m assuming that you’re playing it.) Amulet Combo, and Grixis Delve in this event. A little tired, I signed up for another Modern queue and promptly lost to a bad matchup with the deck in Merfolk. Really hard to get Tron online with Spreading Seas making sure that my lands were islands instead.

I wanted to take a break and play a bit for fun, so I loaded up a neat Dredge list for the next Modern queue.

And then I won it. Then I won again. I kept winning. Before I knew it, I was logging off for the day with nine points total and seven of them coming from this Dredge deck.

I came back the next day expecting to have a drop-off with the deck and I guess I did. I lost the first rounds of two queues, before cashing in a daily with it.

Let’s take a look at what I played against.

Deck Wins Loses
Bug Control 3 0
Team Geist 1 0
Temur Twin 1 0
Abzan (No Company) 3 0
Infect 0 1
Amulet Combo 2 0
Jund 0 2
Through the Breach 1 0
Burn 1 0
Abzan Company 0 1
UR Twin
GR Tron
Grixis Delve






I did not include a no show in the daily event, but I think it is pretty clear to see that I ran better than average.  I think a bit of that is due to the fact that Grand Prix Vegas was about to start and plenty of players were either getting ready for Modern Masters weekend, or playing the newest set on MTGO.

Here are some things that I observed while I was playing.

For some reason Rain of Tears was showing up against me a lot. All the Sultai decks had the land destroying sorcery, as did the Abzan decks that were not running Collected Company.

Jund is really hard to deal with. Ooze is pretty much the reason why, but every time I played against the deck, answers to the creature were not really forthcoming.

Grixis Delve is the most played deck on MTGO right now according to mtgo-stats.com, but I did a fairly good job of dodging it.

Let’s take a look at a couple of matches with the deck. For some reason there were a lot of corrupted matches in my history. Like my opponent would cast Electrolyze and that would make my life total -555 or some other inane number. These matches that I am presenting now are pretty much all I could save. I guess next time I’ll just record live!

Temur Twin

Grixis Delve



The first week of the season is not quite over, but I’ve started off pretty well. Ten points, some packs, which were turned into tickets and then incinerated in Modern Masters events (I did poorly. Worse than poorly actually.) and a lot of experience against the Modern field I think was worth it. I’m about to grind out some more matches actually, and next time we’ll be back with a recap of that action!

Thanks for stopping by!

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