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A Box Full of Happy – Thank You Wizards!

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture

Editor’s Note: This post was stolen (with permission) from Natalie’s blog. We thought it would be great to post it here and spread the word about how awesome Wizards of the Coast is. It’s things like this that make our game (Magic) and the community that surrounds it unique.

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a maelstrom? One in which the world around you stops making sense and slams you into walls then sucker punches you just as you struggle to get up? This maelstrom has been the only thing I have been in the past few weeks: close family members having surgery entire nations away & being unable to be with them. Shakeups at work and feeling helpless. Camping spots I love under risk of closing. Extra stress all around that capped off by having my car hit and run while getting registration set up for Gatecrash Pre-release (still haven’t found the guy – but karma will) and having to stand outside with the Police for half an hour in super-sub-zero weather as statements and photos were taken. It was so cold that the Officers pen froze and could not write and honestly that’s how I felt.

I’ve been walking around in a haze for the past couple of weeks, so imagine my surprise when I get home last night, around 11, to find a large box waiting for me. I wasn’t expecting any shipments, had no orders out and had no idea what it was. Yet I opened the box:

The inside looked like this and happiness burst through my confusion – Magic Cards!


Inside the Box Full of Happy was a note from Michael Robles and Sean Gibbons, The Magic The Gathering Community Managers which read (from memory):

“We are sorry to hear about your car getting broken into Gatecrash Pre-release. We hate to hear that our players are having bad things happening to them while they’re playing Magic; here’s a little something from us. As a bonus, we’ve also wanted you to have a copy of the special edition Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 on Steam.

Thanks for all your continued support!

The Magic The Gathering Community Team Guys of Awesome
Michael & Sean

At this point, I started crying – full on tears. Gifts are wonderful things. Supportive gifts transcend even wonder and hit deeper parts of the soul. I could barely speak tears falling on the Izzet vs. Golgari Duel Deck, and the booster packs, Event Decks, Fat Packs and the Mirrodin Lunchbox that I am so very much bringing into office. They had sent along a box quite full of happy.


What an incredible way to take care of your community and your player base. I remain utterly amazed by their genuine and kind act of goodwill.

What Sean and Michael don’t know is that as a new player really starting up with RTR I am just trying to break into the formats other than Standard (which I love). Wizards gift has broadened my available card base and will help me to better understand the game. The gift of From the Vaults: Realms will allow me to dive deeper into Commander. Most importantly my spirits are buoyed to know that I am part of a Community that cares about its members and finds vibrancy and thrives in it.

Thank you again Wizards Wizards and Planeswalking Pals Michael & Sean. I deeply appreciate your gesture and I am resolved to be an active, vibrant player and community member as my game play strengthens and my desire to enter the Judge Program to serve our community progresses.


(I finally could find words to express my gratitude – since last night I have been shaking with excitement)

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