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Announcement: 20 Tweets

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media

I received this message in my email when I first started to build Legit MTG:

Hello There,

For introduction sake I am @RevisedAngel on Twitter. We have spoken a couple of times. I am writing in response to your question about possible writers for your new site.

I do not want to write a strategy/finance/commander article. There are 100 of these on every site, written by people far more talented at mtg then me. I would like to be a Legitmtg Social Media Reporter. I would do a weekly article covering the hot topics and trends on twitter (maybe FB). Featuring the best tweets form the mtg community. SCG does something like this in it’s newsletter but they generally only feature Pros/ SCG Employees/ their best friends. I want people to have a stake in visiting Legitmtg. I would be just as likely to post a tweet from a FNMer as a Pro.

This is where I stopped reading. The email was much longer but I knew at this point that Heather would be an awesome fit for what I was trying to accomplish with the content side of Legit MTG. She had a strong vision to reflect the voice of the community and she did it masterfully through what would later be known as 20 Tweets. That’s why I was sad when I received this:

Hey Haus,

I have to stop doing 20 Tweets. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now I have to focus on.

Like the other email there was more to this one and after some text messages with Heather, I knew that I’d have to find a replacement. Heather has done an awesome job with 20 Tweets and although I know that no one will be able to fill her shoes, we will need someone to step in and take the torch. If this is something you’d like to do, then send an email to editor@legitmtg.com with an explanation of why you want to do 20 Tweets. Heather and I will look over the submission and pick a new 20 Tweets author.

As always, thanks for stopping by,

Jonathan Medina

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