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Arcane Laboratory – Modern Double Feature

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Due to work I unfortunately never got around to finishing my article for last week. It was about how terribly I did with Scapeshift. The short story is that I was unfamiliar with the deck and got punished for my terrible lines of play. This just helps strengthen the increasingly golden rule of Modern: Play what you know. I decided to take that advice and go back to playing my UWR Midrange deck.

Now, I talk with @MrScottyMac A LOT. There are at least a few Facebook messages exchanged each day between us. Lately, the talk has been centered around Modern and our planning the prep work for GP Worcester. We’ve also been discussing what decks we think we want to play. We try to keep the decks from overlapping on the streams to provide as much of a wide range of content as possible between the two of us.

Scott’s always been a fan of my Geist deck. He suggested that I try Restoration Angel. Restoration Angel is actually quite hard for most decks to deal with. The only removal that really takes her out of the sky is Path to Exile. She lets us keep four mana up on our opponents turn to represent Cryptic Command or Snapcaster Mage and spell while also allowing us to punish an opponent who does nothing of importance on their turn. She lets us flicker Snapcasters later in the game to get more uses from them and she has a similar effect with Vendilion Clique. She also can protect Geist of Saint Traft when attacking into a larger creature.

I agreed that she warranted testing and invited Scott to come on stream with me at a later date and try her out. It just so happens that Scott had some free time this week to come on give her a whirl.

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We beat 8 Rack without too much trouble. However, I feel like it would’ve been much worse for us if our opponent had ever actually cast an Ensnaring Bridge. We also were fortunate enough to draw a lot of Lightning Helixes.

In the second match we squared off against Affinity and Scott got the chance to see how we could win game 1 with the correct hand and sequence of draws: Lightning Helixes, Electroylze, Snapcaster Mage, etc. In game two we got probably the most ridiculous blowout I’ve ever had against affinity where we got to Fuse Wear // Tear to destroy an Ethersworn Canonist and Tempered Steel! It felt very, very dirty.

Our next match was against Jund. The games were very back and forth and usually hinged on our opponent not resolving a Liliana of the Veil and dodging turn one Thoughtseize. We lost the match due to some clock mismanagement, but both Scott and I felt that given a longer amount of time we would’ve won the third game.

In our final match we lost to the UR Delver/Young Pyromancer deck. Game 1 we put our opponent on Storm and played much differently than we should have for turns 1 through 4. Game two we had a very sweet Upkeep Cryptic Command to give us the win. However, Game 3 saw us take a mulligan against the double Delver start.

In our post-match discussion Scott and I decided that we really wanted our Stormbreath Dragon back in the deck. Scott actually had the chance to play with it after I suggested it and found that it was very good. We discussed some other changes, but nothing overly significant. I’ve already changed them again since Wednesday night anyway. I wont divulge them here because I plan on streaming with the deck again soon.


Because I didn’t put out an article last week I felt like I needed to do something a bit extra this week. So, I invited my friend @AuranAlchemist to come onto the stream after Scotty and bash a few games with his own deck: UWR TwinBlade.

His deck is very much in flux as it’s still in the infant stages of testing. He even showed us THREE different variations of the deck he was working on. Due to this I’m not actually going to present the full decklist here. Instead you can watch the archived video we provide to see all three versions.

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

The deck was very interesting and certainly dynamic to play. We hit some snags along the way, mainly due to the mana. The deck definitely needs a 24th land and I cannot condone playing Tectonic Edge with less than 25 lands.

However, the power of the deck is definitely present. Your opponent has to constantly live in fear of being combo’d out. This allows you to press advantages in other areas. it’s very easy to get attacks in with Snapcaster, Restoration Angel, or even just Deceiver Exarch. Due to this pressure your opponent can also just lose to a Colonnade hit or Snapcaster Mage + Lightning Helix. It’s also pretty sweet when your opponent fights you over a Kiki-Jiki or Splinter Twin only to have you resolve a Sword of Feast and Famine immediately after. After Luis get’s more time to work out the kinks I’d be very interested to give it another shot.

Next week I’ll be having @Lansdelicious on stream with me. He’s bringing a sweet GR “Hate” Modern brew with him. Come check it out Tuesday, 8:30pm EST on our Twitch channel. Until then, may you rip as well as I do with Geist.

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