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Anthony Avitollo

Anthony Avitollo has one of the oldest cubes in existence. Dating back to 2005, the cube is incredibly shiny and a huge hit at any event that he attends. He also co-hosts The Third Power, an incredibly well named podcast that you can find on There he puts his vast cube experience and knack for goofy stories to good use.

Modern Cube Cometh: White!

Written by Anthony Avitollo on . Posted in Casual Magic, Cube, Modern

Modern Cube Cometh:  White!

Welcome back to my Modern Cube construction project! It’s been a while since the introduction, so I’ll recap our parameters. The Cube will start as 450 cards, to allow for 8-man drafts with some variation as well as some more space to support more archetypes. It is going to start at 60 cards per color, […]