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Jamie Donovan

Jamie picked up Magic just as the Eldrazi were beginning to Rise back in 2010. Since then his thirst for the game has been unquenchable and he rarely passes up an opportunity to play. Pauper is the format of choice these days, but he also enjoys nothing more than a draft or two. Or six. He lives in the UK and often has seven cards in one hand and a cup of Earl Grey in the other.

In Pauper, Monowhite is Fit For a King

Written by Jamie Donovan on . Posted in Casual Magic

In Pauper, Monowhite is Fit For a King

Take advantage of the wait before M13 hits Magic Online to try out Pauper, the commons-only format with a robust metagame. Monowhite aggro is a great place to start because of its low curve and robust removal.