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Brewing With M14

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

M14 Brewing 700x235

I’m back to tinker with some juicy Magic 2014 cards. Last time I wrote a split article covering Standard, Modern, and Legacy, but this time I will only be writing about Standard. These 16 decks are rough sketches and may need some tuning to take to tournaments larger than an FNM. But if you’re looking to have fun at your local FNM , these decks should do quite well. Once again, I’m not comfortable providing you with a complete sideboard, but I am giving you some cards that should be considered.

Orzhov Humans

It seems like the big winners this time are decks that can run Xathrid Necromancer or Mutavault. This deck gets to run both while getting a ton of synergy, which should allow it to ease past a lot of other decks in the format. If this deck has any bad matchups, it likely won’t have them for long, and the sideboard options are quite deep.

Sideboard Suggestions: Frontline Medic, Oblivion Ring, Orzhov Charm, Sin Collector.


Zombies gets a lot better with additions like Mutavault and Liliana’s Reaver. Not only can they fight against control decks easier with more ways to eat their opponent’s hand, but they can get their Gravecrawlers back without having to cast a zombie because Mutavault is also one. Getting a reasonably priced removal spell in Doom Blade also means it can actually fight against Boros Reckoner without getting their board wiped.

Sideboard Suggestions: Duress, Dark Prophecy, Lifebane Zombie, Vile Rebirth.

Red Deck Wins

This will likely be the premier aggro deck in Standard because there’s a lot of combinations of creatures it can use to kill you on Turn 4 consistently. And if this deck doesn’t kill you by Turn 4, it still should have a lot of gas left. If you wrath the board against this deck it can still get you pretty quickly because most of the creatures have haste. If Goblin Guide were in Standard right now, it would be truly frightening how quick this deck could be.

Sideboard Suggestions: Burning Earth, Legion Loyalist, Skullcrack, Traitorous Blood.

Gruul Aggro

It may not seem like it, but having Chandra’s Phoenix over Boros Reckoner allows this deck to be more aggressive. Without having to pay triple-red for Boros Reckoner, it allows you to open up the manabase and play creatures like Experiment One and Dryad Militant, which are more dangerous in a lot of matchups. If there were another red/green dual land in the format, running Strangleroot Geist would be easily within its grasp as well.

Sideboard Suggestions: Burning Earth, Domri Rade, Skullcrack, [card]Traitorous Blood[card].

Junk Value

Everyone loves getting to two-for-one their opponent, and that’s what this deck is all about. Nearly every card provides extra value against removal while adding an extra presence to the board. I would expect this kind of deck to be quite prominent in the coming months because people just love to play value creatures.

Sideboard Suggestions: Golgari Charm, Imposing Sovereign, Putrefy, Sin Collector.

Dimir Merfolk

This can’t quite play out like Merfolk from Modern or Legacy because there just aren’t enough lords in the format. However, this will get to control the board while amassing an army. This will play more like a control deck where you protect your threats, the greatest of which is Talrand, Sky Summoner, who can make an army of his own. It will have plenty of options for fighting control with Notion Thief and fighting aggro with Tidebinder Mage out of the sideboard, which should make it quite a versatile deck.

Sideboard Suggestions: Devour Flesh, Duress, Notion Thief, Tidebinder Mage.


It looks like we’ve hit a critical mass of Elves again in Standard; it’s been a while since there’s been a good Elf deck. This deck will amass an army of Elves to overrun the opposition. If the board has been cleared, Beck // Call can resupply your army while Door of Destinies can allow every elf you play to be huge. This deck will also have plenty of options after sideboard against Aggro with Congregate and against control with Rootborn Defenses.

Sideboard Suggestions: Congregate, Oblivion Ring, Rootborn Defenses, Simic Charm.


To the dome!! That’s Burn’s credo, and this deck features 20 burn spells with most of its creatures acting as burn spells as well. Now that Chandra’s Phoenix is around, Faithless Looting is much better at fixing hands that end up with a Thunderous Wrath. This deck will try its best not to interact with its opponent by dealing a quick couple points of damage from its creatures and then dealing the rest with a bevy of direct-damage spells.

Sideboard Suggestions: Burning Earth, Mindsparker, Rolling Temblor, Wild Ricochet.

Jund Superfriends

Nothing says fun like jamming a bunch of planeswalkers into one deck. It will have trouble dealing with aggressive decks, but once it starts landing planeswalkers, it should easily start taking over the game. Expect cards like Chandra, Pyromaster and Tibalt, the Fiend Blooded to really shine by providing you with a lot of card selection, while both Garruks and Vraska, the Unseen overwhelm your opponent’s crippled forces.

Sideboard Suggestions: Abrupt Decay, Dreadbore, Druid’s Deliverance, Putrefy.

Golgari Aggro

You get some +1/+1 counters, and you get some +1/+1 counters, and you all get some +1/+1 counters!!!! No this isn’t Oprah. This is Kalonian Hydra. Backing an ensemble of creatures that all get or give +1/+1 counters, Kalonian Hydra could be an incredibly dangerous creature. Barring that, these creatures all are very good without him, and can quickly run your opponent over before they can figure out what you’re playing.

Sideboard Suggestions: Abrupt Decay, Savage Summoning, Scavenging Ooze, Witchstalker.

Jund Midrange

Jund is one of the most faithful decks for me, and all it really gets is Scavenging Ooze. All it gets? That’s not enough? Well, OK, it gets Savage Summoning as a great sideboard card that can allow you to avoid countermagic or ambush your opponent’s creatures. It also can have Chandra, Pyromaster in the sideboard to essentially draw you extra cards. The number of edict effects will need to increase because the hexproof decks get a lot of good toys that will hurt a lot. But Scavenging Ooze will pick up a lot of steam against Reanimator and Aggro by eating their creatures and gaining you precious life while making a big blocker to eat more guys.

Sideboard Suggestions: Barter in Blood, Curse of Death’s Hold, Savage Summoning, Vampire Nighthawk.

Selesnya Aggro

This deck will just want to send its creatures through your opponent’s with pump spells and trample. Scavenging Ooze slows it down slightly, but also provides a huge creature in the late game. Enlarge is a huge addition for this deck; making your opponent have to block badly while getting kicked in the teeth is huge.

Sideboard Suggestions: Frontline Medic, Primeval Bounty, Rootborn Defenses, Savage Summoning.

Naya Slivers

Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated. These Slivers are not messing around. This time they cheaply give first strike, double strike, vigilance, haste, pumps, and a Hellrider effect to each other Sliver you control. With so few Slivers in M14, I expect more in Theros, but even so, they’re a reasonable aggro deck with a lot of versatile sideboard options. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that they only affect your own Slivers, so you won’t get blown out by your opponents Slivers.

Sideboard Suggestions: Boros Charm, Oblivion Ring, Path of Bravery, Ray of Revelation.

Monoblack Control

The darkness is upon us. There’s finally some reasonable cards for a Monoblack Control deck. Getting finishers that avoided a majority of the removal available was pretty big. I expect Haunted Platemail and Mutavault to be all-stars in this deck and get in the damage needed to kill with a Corrupt or two with occasional assistance from Liliana of the Dark Realms and her pump ability. And if you somehow get to the late game, Griselbrand is there to help clean up the mess they left behind.

Sideboard Suggestions: Appetite for Brains, Crypt Incursion, Duress, Lifebane Zombie.

Monogreen Aggro

Sometimes you just want to turn dudes sideways. This deck is no frills — just beats and more beats as you attack with large creatures that keep getting larger via Rancor, Enlarge, and Wolfir Silverheart. Garruk Relentless will help you keep the beats going when you get your board wiped, and maybe even help you search for some creatures.

Sideboard Suggestions: Primeval Bounty, Savage Summoning, Scavenging Ooze, Triumph of Ferocity.

Monogreen Aggro by Josh Milliken

Bant Hexproof

If the hype is any indicator, then Bant Hexproof is the new Boogeyman of the format. Expect to see lots of hexproof creatures in the near future, and be sure to have some way to deal with them. Ajani’s Chosen will help this deck against edict effects, while a bevy of enchantments out of the sideboard like Detention Sphere help against just about anything you will face.

Sideboard Suggestions: Blind Obedience, Detention Sphere, Domestication, Trollhide.

That’s all I’ve got for M14. I should be back for Theros in a couple of months with some fresh brews. If you have any questions or comments feel free to chime in below. I will try to answer everyone.

Thanks for reading,
Josh Milliken
@joshuamilliken on Twitter

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