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Budget Mono Green Aggro

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern, Standard

Hey guys! Today I am showcasing a series of decks for the Standard and Modern formats, both of which are mono-green. Both decks showcase a surprising amount of resilience in their respected formats. The goal of this article is to show that you can get into both Standard and Modern for under 100$. That is my cap for this article. Let’s discuss Standard first.

Standard Mono-Green Aggro.

Like I mentioned, the goal of this article is to provide the reader with an opportunity to get into varying formats “on the cheap.” The most expensive card in both decks will be Collected Company, which is now hovering at around 9 dollars apiece. This means that you will likely spend 35-40 dollars picking up your play-set needed for the Standard and Modern format. Let’s talk about card choices.

Our card choices here are on the cheap. Our entire decklist amounts to around 75 dollars, with Collected Company and Surrak being the most expensive cards. The goal of the deck is to drop threat after threat, then Aspect of the Hydra on turn 4 or turn 5 for a massively lethal attack. The deck also has a surprising resilience in place for control with 4 Collected Company. If our opponent casts Crux of Fate, we can end of turn cast Collected Company, putting 2 guys in play, then untap and deploy even more threats. The deck develops its own board very quickly. Servant of the Scale uses the +1/+1 counter to make Avatar of the Resolute a 4/3 for 2 on turn 2. Talk about a big body!

Another fantastic part of this deck is that the sideboard options are insane. We could board Ranger’s Guile, Become Immense, Nylea, Nylea’s Disciple, Roar of Challenge…. There are just tons of options available, and all “on the cheap.” I like this deck because it is extremely straightforward to play, and it is very hard to overcome in the current metagame. With so many midrange strategies populating the metagame post-Dragons of Tarkir, we can bet our matches will be favorable almost 9 times out of 10. I would recommend this deck to anyone who is looking to get into Standard at little to no cost.

Let’s talk Modern! This deck easily transfers to modern, and it is perhaps the cheaper route. Let’s look at a decklist and compare and contrast.

Modern Mono Green Aggro

One of the more profound changes is that we have swapped out our Elvish Mystics for Dryad Militants, a 2/1 for a hybrid Selesnya that can put our opponents under a lot of pressure, especially if it is followed up by a Strangleroot Geist. We replace Boon Satyr with Leatherback Baloth because the more beef, the better. This deck is prone to making 7/7 Reverent Hunters by turn 4. The Aspect of the Hydra is also there to just push this deck over the edge. Giving all creatures a huge boost is exactly what this deck wants.

Modern Mono Green Aggro matches up surprisingly well against most of the metagame due to the amount of spot removal in the format. Decks that do not run wrath effects will struggle heavily in the early game only to be crushed after board (Modern has excellent card options in the sideboard). Some of the best cards we could put into this deck would be Choke, Rancor, Creeping Corrosion, Relic of Progenitus.

The deck just has so many options. It is not very resilient to Thoughtseize strategies, but normally Collected Company can pull enough weight to push through a discard-heavy deck.

In the Modern version, we swap out “good cards” for “value cards.” An example of this would be taking out Swordwise Centaur, a 3/2 for 2, for Strangleroot Geist, a 2/1 for 2 with Undying.

Forcing your opponent to bolt a Strangleroot Geist is much more powerful than just losing Centaur day care. We are also running the best 3/3s for 2 we can possibly run. Kalonian Tusker can put the brakes on a lot of creature decks and make our eventual Aspect of the Hydras insane. Experiment One is also an excellent creature. Playing a turn one Experiment One into a turn two Avatar of the Resolute is heavy value. Then, on turn three, you can slam a Leatherback Baloth, swing for 7. Turn four you can play Surrak, swing for 17, Aspect and a creature, swing for 15, etc. The list just keeps going. You should be killing your opponents by turn 5.

Out of the sideboard we often just want to keep the pressure going. A great card to bring in is Scavenging Ooze, as it acts as a good blocker and a resilient way to rebuild after losing a lot of creatures to spot removal. Feed The Clan is also a good option if you are facing down burn, as it can reset the pressure and oftentimes win you the game, especially if the burn player is living off of the top of their deck. Setessan Tactics is also a great card to bring in against Zoo, as it can just clear the way for your creatures. Basically, this deck just keeps getting better once you make the switch to Modern. Reverent Hunter is alive in this deck as well. It is just a great card that can make it impossible for your opponents to win, especially if they are burning your creatures instead of using Path to Exile or counter spells. Become Immense is a fun 1-of that just destroys decks that counter all of our spells then let us have one or two creatures. It is a fantastic late-game surprise.

I hope you guys enjoyed my article. Once I tallied everything out, it looks like the decks (together) will cost you around 77 dollars (TCG Low). Collected Company is the card we’ve built around, and the deck doesn’t even need to have it. If you are on an extremely low budget (can’t afford Collected Company) then I would replace it with Mistcutter Hydra or Genesis Hydra in Standard, and in Modern I would replace it with Rancor. There is just no replacement for Collected Company. It behaves like Bloodbraid Elf. Such a good card. I would like to remind you that you cannot play in tournaments at your local supermarkets, so buy your cards from your LGS (or legitmtg.com!) Have fun being stompy!


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