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Cashing Out

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Finance, Magic Culture

This is probably the most difficult article I’ve had to write for this site.

I started writing here shortly after Legit MTG began, and I’ve enjoyed discussing Magic finance (and plenty of other things) with all of you, but the time has come for me to move on to other challenges. I have the opportunity to flex my writing muscles in pursuits other than Magic and can’t pass up the chance.

While I write lots of “journalistic” sports articles in my day job as a sportswriter, I don’t really do a lot of recreational sports-related writing. I’ve been offered a chance to write a weekly column on some sporting topics and it’s exactly the kind of challenge outside of my comfort zone I want to try. It’s not easy writing about something I’m new at rather than Magic, but that’s how we all improve. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll start, but you can follow my Twitter account (@Chosler88) if you want to follow that journey. And I’ll still be around doing plenty of Magic. I write weekly at Quiet Speculation and podcast Brainstorm Brewery weekly at Gathering Magic, and those aren’t going anywhere.

I want to thank Jon for everything he’s done for our community. He’s the reason I first became interested in Magic finance, and his Pack to Power series opened up a new world to me, one that I’ve taken and run with ever since. I was eager to contribute to this site when he asked me to, and everyone on the team at LegitMTG has been great, and I look forward to seeing all the awesome content they continue to bring in the future, even if some of the faces change.

Greatest Hits

I didn’t want to leave you with just another article, and I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up my time here than to reflect on the articles I’ve written that meant the most to me here.

Seeing the Forrest for the Trees
My first article for the site was a pretty personal one. Looking back on it now, this experience I wrote about was pivotal and is a lesson I do my best not to forget. Legit was the perfect place for this. The site’s goal has always been to give a voice to those in the community who didn’t have one, and it was that voice that taught me a lesson here.

This site has always been great in giving me some leeway in my writing, and they both allowed and encouraged me to take chances. That led to this, a more experimental piece of work that I think is in the running for the article I’m most proud of ever writing. I know reaction was somewhat mixed, and that’s exactly the way an article like this should be. It takes brave and (have I mentioned awesome?) editors to publish something like this, and I hope you all enjoyed it.

I Sold My Fetchlands (And You Should, Too)
This is by far the article I’ve received the most comments about in real life. Zendikar fetchlands are the spec I’m possibly most well-known for, and before I sold my huge stock of them in January I was the largest single holder of them in Oklahoma. Anyway, I sold them all and bought a fridge for my wife at our new house. But this article is not about fetchlands, and if you read it I think you’ll see why. Magic is about more than cardboard, and Magic finance is about more than cash. Never was that made more clear to me than in writing this article.

Rolling the Dice
And along the way, thanks in part to some awesome hospitality by the Legit MTG crew in Las Vegas, I even had a pretty good weekend playing this game.

My articles all have a common thread. Magic, finance, and LegitMTG are always about more than any one card, one trade, or one person. That’s the site I signed up for, and I think it’s what the site has become. It’s been an honor to write for all of you.

Thanks for reading,
Corbin Hosler
Chosler88 on Twitter

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