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Champions of the Maze Winner: Playing to Win

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Casual Magic, Commander


Editor’s note: We would like to thanks all our loyal readers for their continued commitment to LegitMTG.com. We read/discussed/debated the many amazing entries we received for our Champions of the Maze contest. Each entry was first reviewed by our content manager, who removed the names from each entry before sending them to the appropriate judge to select without knowing who submitted them. We hope everyone had as much fun creating their Commander decks as we did reviewing them.

In the spirit of winning I wanted to pick one winner and tell all the other entrants, “You Lose!” Even better, it’s always been my dream to find a time in my life where I can quote this speech verbatim in a contextually relevant setting:

Lucky for you, I have a soft spot for brewers. So I decided to pick a runner-up like my other judges have before me.

Runner Up: Tajic, Blade of the Legion by Taz Scott

This is an aggressive equipment deck that leverages some soft combos (Worldslayer and Tajic) to gain an edge at the table. Card inclusions like Loxodon Gatekeeper and Soltari Guerrillas show that the deckbuilder understands how to build a deck like this. You need disruptive creatures over purely aggressive creatures to make a deck like this work.

Despite being a sweet list, there are a couple of cards that should have made the cut. I understand why Armageddon was excluded, because it takes a certain kind of player to “go there,” but Armageddon really fits in a deck like this. I also think Assemble the Legion should have made the cut. It doesn’t have the same stigma as Armageddon and free guys plus equipment go together like peas and carrots!

Taz, you came in second and deserve a mention for your efforts.

Tajic, Blade of the Legion

Winner: Melek, Izzet Paragon by Jon Johnson

From the moment I read “Desperate Ritual” I was all-in on this deck. I’ve always been fascinated with playing the storm archetype in a singleton formats like Commander (and to a lesser extent, Cube). I love the challenge of building a finely tuned killing machine despite the restrictions of a singleton format. After reading the deck list, I immediately wanted to build it. And that’s a rare thing because one of my favorite aspects of Commander is building my own decks.

Besides appealing to my sensibilities, the deck also seems very good. It has something that a lot of Commander decks lack: focus. The deck has a plan and all the other cards support that plan. It doesn’t waste time on “cute” interactions. It just wants to make infinite mana with the Palinchron/High Tide combo, play the deck out, and kill everyone with Grapeshot. Feast your eyes on this beauty!

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