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Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Magic Culture, Social Media

Chatter: 1. To talk rapidly, incessantly, and on trivial subjects; jabber.

This is going to be our goal: to chatter together. I am going to do my very Girl Scout best to find the most interesting, sometimes silly, often trivial Magic-related articles/pictures/things floating around the big wide web and bring them here for you each episode. I know you are busy people who spend grueling hours working, raising families, taking down Grand Prix, play testing and rocking karaoke. I will be watching all the “ings”  and leaving them right here for you when you need a Magic brain break. Wizards everywhere are Facebooking, Redditing, Tumblring, tweeting, Craigslisting, eBaying and spreading the gospel of Gathering. So take off your serious pants, kick up your feet and get to know your magical neighbors.


Chatter has been on full alert since this post on MTGSalvation showed up. The poster says he has seen with his own HUMAN eyes the God Book for Dragon Maze and has spoiled some of the mythics. Not too many people are believing him, but the awesome  @TheProxyGuy mocked up the mythics for us to view and debate on his blog. Go check it out to see all five and let me know if you think they are possibly real or probably fake!


Every now and again you get a glimpse into what your fellow MTGers are reading, learning, thinking, and doing. I need only the gentlest of carrot-dangling to follow a link down the rabbit hole. When I read this article linked below, I was completely fascinated, appalled  horrified, intrigued and overall glad that someone took time out of their day to share the information with me. Yes, I assume everything you link is solely for my viewing.


Entering Reddit is a lot like entering the scary house of horrors in the Saw movies. You don’t know when you might stumble on the room full of scorpions, rotating chainsaw ceiling fans and an emergency sprinkler system that sprays acid instead of water. But you know it’s coming. Still, the addictive powers of curiosity and wonder bring me back time after time, just hoping the next click won’t be the death of me.

While navigating this minefield of information and memes, I stumbled across this poll that was recently conducted (and continually ongoing) by BoardGameGeek.com.

I am the world’s biggest consumer of polls. I love to see what people care about/think about nearly everything. So naturally when I saw this I was super excited. I knew the game I love the most (Magic: the Gathering, duh) would be on the list.

Sounds promising. Qualifications: greatest game ever? Check. Owned by many? Double check. Played by many? Triple check. My unbiased and expert guess is that Magic is easily in the top five games.


Good night Batman, was I wrong! Magic: the Gathering is currently at 25th.  I don’t know who has voted on this poll so far, but they are obviously gaming impaired. It is time to take action, my fellow Wizards. Time to unite and go express your constitutional right to vote! Here are your voting instructions:

1st, go here to the poll. You will see a box in the left side of the screen that looks like this:

2nd, click on the “how to add your ratings” link in the box for a set of quick instructions on how you can cast your vote. Then once you have followed those instructions, you simply search “Magic: The Gathering” in the BoardGameGeek.com search engine and you can add your ranking. I added mine like a good girl.


Now I feel better about the sanity and stability of the world. I told you Reddit could frightening.


Are you Magically displaced like me? Do you work long hours, raise squawking babies and have Magically challenged friends? Well, I have just thing for you. Instagram. The new frontier of Magic voyeurism. If you can’t remember the last time you cracked a pack, rolled dice or saw a real live magical person, here are some random magic moments for you:








































From the wacky world of Tumblr, we are going to introduce our non-Tumblr readers to one of the must-read Tumblrs for Magic fans. Mark Rosewater does a question and answer on his Tumblr almost daily. Here are two of my favorites:

This beautiful sketch belongs to the Tumblr of clockwork-cadaver. His rendition of Modern Lilianna caught my eye and hasn’t let go. If you like Lilianna, he has renditions of Modern Jace, Chandra and more.


GP Toronto has come and gone. Who won? What Modern deck is taking the world by storm? Who cares! Manadeprived  threw one HELL of an epic party with the Mac Attack himself bringing the house down with his rendition of Gangnam Style. If you haven’t popped over to Scotty Mac on Facebook yet to watch the fun unfold then do it now. What are you waiting for? GO.



Adidas makes Vader jackets? Yes, please. The future is now, people, and the future is geek.


Because we can.



[French, an embrace.]


1. a. An expression of approval; praise.

    b. A special acknowledgment; an award.
2. A ceremonial embrace, as of greeting or salutation.

Word History: People usually have to stick their necks out to earn accolades, and this is as it should be.

The Haus: for never hesitating to allow his Angel to jump in rabbit holes and for always supporting his Legiters no matter what.



The Editor-‘n-Chief: he had no idea when Medina put him in charge of his Angel that it would require speaking Texan, being a shrink, tutor, best friend and enduring constant harassment at all hours of his already busy life.


Executive Producer: for helping me create the idea of Chatter, teaching me what it means to be awesome, and introducing me to the joy of addiction and Reddit.



If you are scanning the universe and find something you think should be featured on Chatter (whether serious, funny or just for the hell of it) feel free to send me a link at:

@RevisedAngel on Twitter

Heather Dawn Meek on Facebook

RevisedAngel on Tumblr

RevisedAngel on G+

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