FNM Hero (Preview)

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FNM Hero (Preview)

Jonathan Medina

Jonathan has written for gatheringmagic.com and starcitygames.com (as a premium columnist). He captivated the Magic community as he chronicled his journey to trade a single pack up to a piece of power nine. Now you can find him here every week as he tells his FNM Hero adventure.

Hey Guys and Gals,

Sorry that I don’t have a juicy episode of FNM Hero for you today. I had a lot of Legit MTG Business to tend to, part of that was getting the new Avacyn Restored singles up on store.legitmtg.com. Don’t worry, we’re still trying to get the episode up for tomorrow (Tuesday). In the meantime, since you’re a faithful reader, I have two things for you.

1 – A Chance to Win $$

Leave a comment below with your favorite FNM Hero moment and on Tuesday I will pick a winner (maybe two if I’m feeling generous) at random to¬†receive¬†$10 in store credit!

2 – This Preview (Don’t Make Me Angry…)

Thank for stoping in! See you tomorrow!

Jonathan Medina


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