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Compulsive Research: An Infectious Amount of Fun

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Compulsive Research 700x235
In my preparation for the stream this week, I really had my work cut out for me. We are in the throes of Journey into Nyx spoilers which make Standard seem less and less appealing with each new card that appears. I can’t help but feel like the format is getting more and more stale as the clock counts down to set release, leading me to look to Modern for some fresh salvation. Thankfully, as I was trying to ponder the direction for this week’s stream, the Modern Master himself, Larry Swasey (@KrazyKirby4) returned to post another opus about the state of the Modern format. I suggest if you have been away from the format, or are looking to get into it from scratch, then this is a must read. Here is the article. Go ahead, read it. I’ll wait.

Ok, back now? I was trying to figure out what to play, and the interesting lists that stood out for me which I haven’t really played yet were UWR Twin, RG Valakut, and UG Infect. At the end of the day, it was Larry’s strong comments about the Infect list which drew my attention to it; that, and the Wild Defiance. I had the decision locked when I received a message from Larry.


Yes folks, it was on like Donkey Kong, with Larry himself. I had a ton of fun last time he was on while we played the Zur deck, so I was sure the show would be good. Here is the list that Larry posted on his blog.

I liked the list. It looked lean and clean. There were some interesting choices, and after discussing them with Larry, they made a lot of sense. Cathedral of War is another source of Exalted, an extremely powerful effect in our deck, as Infect makes each boost to power worth twice what it would be otherwise. Wild Defiance does a great job of blanking all removal spells that rely on a creature’s size, as it boosts your creatures regardless of who targets your creatures with spells. I felt like the possibility of a turn 2 or 3 kill promised that we would have some short games, allowing us to get in a good sample for your viewing enjoyment. I entered an 8 man and a bunch of 2 mans. Here is the video.

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

This deck doesn’t mess around. We did pretty well overall, losing only a couple of matches. There really weren’t any matches that felt completely unwinnable, but many that demanded a good understanding of the format. Since the creatures that we have at our disposal are somewhat fragile, we need to be aware of the potential scenarios that would result in getting blown out by a timely removal spell, or the scenarios which we over expose ourselves and give the opponent an opportunity to win “if they have it”. I would definitely suggest further play if you are looking for a deck which is competitive, while still being reasonably inexpensive. The entire deck costs about 340 tix by MTGOTraders prices, which I would consider excellent value given the efficacy of the list. I was actually more impressed with the deck than I expected to be. Having a lot of experience on the other side of the table from this deck, I thought I knew most of the tricks which were possible. Knowing that Vines of the Vastwood can target your opponent’s creatures and the addition of the full set of Apostle’s Blessing really can make situations extremely awkward for your opponents, and plays like Vines on an Exarch in response to Splinter Twin/ Kiki-Jiki attempt will catch many opponents by surprise, as its easy to pass Infect as a deck off as fairly non-interactive.

GP Minneapolis is right around the corner, and it’s results will likely continue to shape the Modern metagame, giving us a lot more idea about what to expect in Boston in July. I will continue to explore the additions that Journey into Nyx might provide to the existing archetypes, but in the mean time, we still have a lot of decks left to play. Next on the list is going to be UW Control based on Shaheen Soorani’s GP Richmond deck, which brought him back to the Pro Tour. Same time this week, so come check it out!! Huge thanks to Larry Swasey for joining me this week. It is always awesome to have him, so hopefully when we next start swinging with Primeval Titan and making the mountains rain on our opponents!!

I will be at Legends Warehouse in Vaughan, ON for my prerelease this weekend, and will be joined by Matty Studios from the Heavy Meta podcast, as well as Notable Video producer for ManaDeprived.com, FlamingSheep. Come say hi, and I’ll have some stream stickers for you!! Make sure you call ahead and book your spot, cause this one will fill up FAST. sales@legendswarehouse.ca

Tell em Scotty sent you!!

See you tonight! 930pm


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