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Compulsive Research: Basking in the Miami Heat

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235

I have been working hard on our Naya build, hoping that I will be able to use it to reach day two of GP Calgary.  I have been working very diligently through the tuning process, and I now have to start looking at other lists so as to remain objective and not allow myself to get tunnel vision.  Keeping an open mind is something that I have found many people have a really hard time with, as they often get stuck in the trap of trying to make a card good at the cost of overall deck quality. 

Brewers also often try too hard to make a pet card relevant when there are often better choices to make, even though they may be more stock.  I have been regularly omitting Huntmaster of the Fells from the Naya deck, instead choosing a more aggressive route for the deck.  I was perusing the lists from Miami, looking for some similar lists to the one I have been working on, when I came across this gem in the Top 8 from, Peter Ingram.

This is very close to the list that we have been running, and as such I decided that I would try it out this week.  The major changes to the game plan include main deck Bonfire of the Damned and the addition of the aforementioned Huntmaster.  The sideboard I ran was more my own design, but I really wanted to see what the impact of these two additions would be. The deck still retains Flinthoof Boars and some Ghor-Clan Rampagers to continue on the more aggressive game plan, but Huntmaster allows for a little more of a midrange game to be played if needed, and adds a good two-for-one to the arsenal.  I opted to run the mana from our Naya base as it has been basically perfect, and again ran Kessig Wolf Run over the Gavony Township.

Let’s see how it fared:

Watch live video from Legit MTG on TwitchTV

A short stream for the article this week.  Go to the archives of the TwitchTV page for the rest of it.

Game 1:  UWR Control – I mulligan to six on the play, and keep a hand with two lands, two Boars, Hellkite and Bonfire.  I curve out to both Boars swinging for six on turn three, but the opponent resolves an Assemble the Legion and supports it with a bunch of good removal to overcome us.

SB: +2 Ray of Revelation, +2 Boros Charm, -1 Arbor Elf, -2 Selesnya Charm, -1 Bonfire of the Damned

The second game is a bad one as I punt with an attack timing error.  Don’t use Domri abilities before attacks against an Azorius Charm deck.  I keep telling myself this, but keep making the error.  Guess I’ll have to tattoo it on my hand for the GP.

Game 2: Big Naya/Miracle Control – Game one the opponent shows us a Naya base, with Bonfire and Thundermaw. Devil’s Play makes a scary appearance and game one goes to the opponent with exactsies with the flashback.

SB: -4 Voice of Resurgence, -1 Bonfire of the Damned, +2 Unflinching Courage, +1 Selesnya Charm, +1 Oblivion Ring, +1 Zealous Conscripts.  I’m looking for my creature-on-creature sideboard with my mirror trumps here.

The second game reveals the true nature of our opponent: Miracle Control.  But three Terminus and a Miracled Bonfire, Warleader’s Helix and Pillar of Flame still can’t hold back three Trogdors.

SB: -1 Oblivion Ring, -1 Bonfire of the Damned, +2 Assemble the Legion. More threats.

The third game shows us that the opponent likely boarded his creatures back in, but three Trogdors again show that they don’t really care.

I should note that it is very likely that the win was fueled by PelleK. Watch the show – you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Game 3 -GB Rock – A mulligan to five game one still lets us answer each one of the Geralf’s Messengers with a Reckoner, and a miracled Bonfire allows us some breathing room after a Thragtusk.  The opponent recovers quickly and drops a Desecration Demon, which inevitably leads to the sideboard.

SB: +1 Selesnya Charm, +1 Zealous Conscripts, +2 Rest in Peace, +2 Assemble the Legion, +2 Pillar of Flame -1 Arbor Elf, -1 Domri Rade, -4 Voice of Resurgence, -3 Bonfire of the Damned.  This match is a nightmare. Infinite removal and resilient threats end up sealing the deal for us.

Finishing Up

Overall, I felt like the deck was missing some punch.  Playing a lower number of Rampagers felt comfortable, but the removal being Bonfire of the Damned really left a lot to be desired.  Bonfire is great when you don’t absolutely need it to win. I will be looking to continue my testing with Huntmaster this week, but I will be in the Mizzium Mortars camp for as long as I am running them. The card seems much better for the deck, as sometimes just a spot removal effect will be enough to get it done. 

The commitment to Huntmaster comes off of the high recommendation it received from none other than Willy Edel himself.  He thinks that right now it is extremely important to the deck, and I’m not one to argue with him. Willy has graciously agreed to be on the show this week, and give us some amazing feedback and insight into the deck that he helped make tier-one. 

I will also be streaming my regular games tonight, but these will be focused on battling Hexproof, since that is supposed to be the hardest matchup for us.  Join me as I try to stand toe to toe with the boogeyman, while hoping to learn something in the process.  How much Scotty is too much Scotty? I guess we’re just going to have to find out!!

This week’s winner of LegitMTG money is Stephane Dely. Please make sure you email sales@legitmtg.com with the ID of your LegitMTG.com user account to collect! If you don’t comment on the article, you can’t win any money.

Thanks again!  See you next time.

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