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Compulsive Research: Boosh’s Immortal Junk

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

This week, I decided that I had to have my best bro @JayBoosh on the stream, as he recently won DGM Game Day at his store with a Junk-colored deck built around winning the game with Immortal Servitude. For those of you that don’t know, Jay is one of my best friends and one of the hosts of The Eh Team podcast. I have been talking about Magic: The Gathering with him for your listening pleasure for over two years now.

As of late, Jay has had little-to-no interest in competitive Magic.  Ever since Mana Leak rotated and Jay could no longer play UW Delver, his MTG drive has been focused solely on building his cube.

Once I heard that Jay had won Game Day and actually sounded excited about his deck choice, I knew that I had to get him on here, if for no other reason than to stoke the fire in him again and bring him back into the fold with the rest of us. Jay has a very good understanding of the game of Magic, and can articulate his thoughts very well when he wants to. I have come to find his insight during playtesting to be very useful, and he has almost single-handedly forced me to analyze my deck selection tendencies and drive me away from decks that are bad for me.

All that said, I knew that at least, we would have an immense amount of fun with this one, so here is the list:

The deck is supposed to play out like a grindy Junk Aristocrats deck, gaining infinite value off all of the creatures, gaining life and bashing your opponent with all of your two-drops.  The trick, though, is that they are all disposable; your goal is to hit critical mass of creatures in the graveyard, cast Immortal Servitude for X=2, and use Blood Artist triggers with one of your many sacrifice outlets to basically just Fireball your opponent out of the game.  Sounds super fun right?  Well… Let’s see how it played out:

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Deck Tech

There were some questionable additions to the deck during the show, and many of them Jay and I decided on right before we went live.  Chief among them was Deadly Recluse; this was a two-drop that could “deal with” Angel of Serenity out of Reanimator.

Another card that was in the sideboard was Liliana of the Veil.  I have been a long-time proponent of this card, having piloted Jund for the bulk of this year both in Standard and in Modern, but lately she just isn’t tickling me like she should be.  Most decks that are looking to run her are trying to gain an edge versus Hexproof or control, but I have found her underwhelming against Hexproof; they often have a number of mana dorks to sacrifice to her, and control is almost non-existent right now due to Sire of Insanity and Cavern of Souls-fueled aggro decks.  If it’s a hexproof solution you’re looking for, Barter in Blood seems like a much better answer right now.  Garruk Relentless seems like a great option for this list also, as nearly all of his abilities become relevant in a hurry.

I can tell you with all certainty that this was one of the most fun streams I have ever put on.  The deck was pretty much a worse version of Junk Aristocrats in my opinion, and MTGO did not want to assist us in proving this incorrect.  If we weren’t mulliganing down to three, four, or five every game, then we were drawing the nine Immortal Servitudes that were obviously in the list.  On the bright side, we did get to battle the mirror against Tangent (@TangentDYN), who is from various podcasts (most notably Public Enemies.)  Playing against Tangent allowed us to see what the deck was capable of, since his decidedly-budget version of the deck trounced us soundly.  I can now tell you that if this was to be any indication, the Junk Aristocrats mirror is nothing short of a nightmare. Anytime there are four Blood Artists on the field, combat and sweepers become a mathematician’s nightmare.

I think you would need to have a very good reason to take this to any competitive tournament, and it likely would require significant tuning.  Tangent has found great success online with his list, though, and it might be a good place to start.

For reference:

Winding Down

I am very excited about the next few weeks of this show.  Many of you that have been around since Modern Mastery’s first run should be familiar with the format for the next month.  I will be attending GP Calgary on July 26, and I would love to make day two.  I have chosen to play Naya Midrange for this event, and as such, will be focusing on this deck for a while.  I will be playtesting different versions of the list, streaming some specific matchups for analysis, and tuning the list I will ultimately be taking to the Grand Prix.

I may have to change some of the stream days on occasion to accommodate some of the guests I have confirmed for the future.  Next week, we have Daniel Dusang (@CapnTopDeck) from the Planeswalker Asylum and Glory Seekers podcasts with us to walk us through his recent Naya list, and future guests include such Naya all-stars as newly-Platinum CFB columnist Willy Edel and SCG Premium heartthrob Brian Kibler.

It’s going to get hot up here in this jungle.  I hope you all are ready for it!!

This week’s winner of LegitMTG money is Thomas Moles.  Please make sure you email sales@legitmtg.com with the ID of your legitmtg.com user account to collect!  If you don’t comment on the article, you can’t win any money. For the record, I’m so glad that you guys are starting to comment.  Keep it coming; they’ll be more and more valuable to me personally as we get further along on this journey.


This is the email that Jay sent me about the list to run.  (This is the Game Day winning list and his changes for the show.)

This is the original:

There have been some changes:

-2 deathrite
-3 visionary
-3 souls

+3 scriverner
+4 tragic slip
+1 bloodthrone vampire

The board:

– 2 of those graveyard spells
– vraska

+2 tormods crypt
+1 something else

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