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Compulsive Research: Can’t Keep a Good Stream Down

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235

The Inspiration

Hello everyone! Sorry for missing out on the stream for all of you last Monday. As I mentioned, my Ultimate Stream Machine (USM, Patent Pending) went down with a hard drive error and had to be sent in for repair. This left me without a viable PC to stream with for the better part of the week. Over the weekend I was able to borrow one from work, which thankfully had enough RAM to pull it off. I lit up on Sunday afternoon in the semis of the SCG Invitational for about an hour to jam some games with a tweak to the Junk deck we have been playing. The Junk deck has been featured a few times around the net this week, firstly by Frank Lepore over at TCG who took it through some rounds against some Devotion decks to no avail, and secondly by Jacob Van Lunen, who provided a revised list tuned from his Pro Tour deck based on the evolving metagame. I was treated to a special surprise on Saturday night however, when the 7-1 and 8-0 decks from the Standard portion of the SCG Invitational were posted. There was one Junk deck piloted by Riley Curran (@Shpongled_) which was on the list. I had looked at everything that was being posted, combined with my own results and testing, and decided a few things:

1. Underworld Connections deserves spots in the 75.
In the world of Esper and Mono Black being the top decks, not having this card available to you in your 75 is a recipe for failure. It’s an easy cut vs aggressive strategies, freeing up spots for your super valuable sideboard cards. Connections plus Scry Lands is insane.

2. Mistcutter Hydra is a Heck of a Magic card.
My major losses in which I never really felt in the match were against Mono Blue Devotion. This card allows us to close games quickly while offering solid defense if needed against Thassa’s minions. It also has won me more than a few games against Control. This card will be in my 75 for as long as Islands are a dominant strategy. JVL also added them to his SB. (Thanks Phil)

3. Thoughtseize is the best card in Standard.
If you aren’t playing it, you better have a really good reason not to. Playing fewer than all of them is a misplay. We have resilient creatures which can only be handled by specific removal pieces. Being able to know which creatures are safe to play, or being able to clear the path for our game ending threats is an insane asset. With the huge number of Scry effects that we get in this deck, its ok to play 4, because we can ship them off if we don’t need them.

With all of these things considered, I decided to run this list through some 2 mans.

Upon closer inspection, the 3rd Centaur Healer could very well be anything else. Likely a second Golgari Charm, but it could also perhaps be a Gaze of Granite, or a second Pithing Needle, or even a Vraska the Unseen.

Here are the games. Please note that the video quality is really bad on the first vid, as I was readjusting the quality as I went. (not my regular USM…)

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Second one is fine.

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

I lost a couple of games that I shouldn’t have on play errors, (Dat Golgari Charm!) but otherwise I felt like if not for a major mulligan issue or punt, I was easily able to handle what was coming. I love the standard format right now. Its so much more awesome than the Thragtusk wars of Summer 2012. If you tuned in last night, we ran something exciting from the SCG Invitational! If not, you’ll read about it next Monday and will have to join us next Monday night! 9:30PM EST! www.twitch.tv/legitmtg. We be giving stuff away left and right. Get in with the comments, and get in with the views. Tell your friends, tune in and win stuff. Simple. See you Monday!

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