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Compulsive Research: Finally Learning My Lesson

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Compulsive Research 700x235

Last week’s stream came upon us right on the heels of a Modern tournament at the Bazaar of Moxen. This traditionally takes place in Europe, and is one of the few high profile Vintage tournaments left. What is also nice about the tournament, is that there are also tournaments for Legacy and Modern, since they also technically are Eternal formats. There were quite a few named Modern players in the tournament, not the least of which was Patrick Dickmann who was up to his old Splinter Twin tricks again, this time without Tarmogoyfs. Although it was a GW Aether Vial deck akin to Death and Taxes that won the event, one of the top 8 decks really stood out to me as a major question mark, which I was hoping we might get the chance to answer. I had a few decks on my bucket list for Modern that I wanted to potentially play before getting thrown into Standard post JOU and then Modern testing for GP Boston, so I put it out to a vote for you guys out on twitter. Here’s what the results were.

I guess you guys were as curious as I was…

So for those of you that didn’t check out the Bazaar of Moxen results, here is the deck that you all voted for; Mono Green Stompy

This looked like it was lacking a few things on paper, but also seemed like it had the potential to sequence out an ideal curve of undercosted power and toughness creatures backed up with enough creature pump. It was clearly a little less interactive than most of the other fair decks in the Modern format, but if it was able to make top 8 of an event as prestigious as the Bazaar of Moxen, there had to be something to it. The sideboard clearly is stocked with powerfully narrow hate cards to try to offset the lack of interactions in the main deck, but would it be enough in a combo heavy format? How is this deck better than a traditional Big Zoo list? Or is it? I was obviously committed to the list as a result of your votes, so I got the list together and battled.

Here are the games.

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Well… that was… something.

I think I put it best on stream when I mentioned that the pilot of this deck should be investigated by the DCI for bribery and collusion since there is no other possible way that it could have made it that far in the tournament. It is entirely possible that I simply had clunky draws, and mulligans that got progressively worse. I felt like every hand and start that I got was underwhelming. The creatures did not feel as powerful as the ones I’m accustomed to playing in Big Zoo, and the pump aspect of the deck felt underpowered compared to the Infect experience that we had not to long ago. This deck also felt far less interactive than either of those two decks would be on a mulligan to 3 on the draw. Modern is a format full of powerful cards, so why would you cripple yourself by playing an underpowered fair deck? It quickly became evident that this was not going to be something I was going to continue with for much longer.

I got the title for this article immediately after this week’s run. I can honestly tell you that I have learned many things about this format and how I would like to be positioned in it moving forward. Firstly, there will be no more polls for the decks on stream. I have to believe that you all are out to just watch me hurt myself on stream over and over. I’ll not be your punching bag any longer. Secondly, I will avoid decks without high powered card advantage engines in them, as the format demands better of decks to remain successful. Plus, I like drawing cards. Thirdly, I will only play decks with ways to interact with or disrupt my opponent. The decks in the format are so powerful and predominantly proactive, that ignoring your opponent is often going to be a losing proposition. This one might change some if the format direction shifts away from combo and more towards a fair deck metagame. So now that I’ve learned these lessons, I’m looking forward to trying to apply them properly and see what the results are.

I didn’t want to cheap out on the show for the week, despite the terrible deck, so I opted in to a good cleansing dose of MTGO Cube! I’m not a regular cube player, and had no idea what to expect, so I expected terrible things. The good news is, that even those things would be less terrible than burning tickets with the Mono Green Deck.

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Sorry for the abrupt ending. The power went out in my house and I couldn’t get it back on in time to finish the draft, let alone the stream. It was all for the better anyway, since I was exhausted and playing like hot garbage anyway.

There are a bunch of great things in store this week. I have Jund Monsters on tap on Monday with the Bearded Wonder; Chris Van Meter. I have Standard Junk lined up with Jeff Hoogland on a special bonus stream on Wednesday, and then Standard Naya Hexproof with Jacob Van Lunen on the following Monday. Modern GP testing starts in earnest after that, so stay tuned because we’re bringing the heat and the star power on Compulsive Research.

See you Monday!

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