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Compulsive Research: Hopelessly seeking U

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Compulsive Research 700x235

Modern is such a diverse format. I played in a 6 round paper event this weekend, and played against a different deck every round. Not once did I repeat facing an archetype. Even this weekends spectacle, GP Richmond, the largest constructed tournament in history showcased this diversity. There were only 3 decks that broke a 10% representation, and only then after lumping all zoo and all twin decks together into super sub groups. What this clearly says is that Modern is a format that allows for some variety in your deck choices, in a similar fashion as Legacy does today. Many of the events are very different from place to place, as most people have a pet deck that they like to play, or can only afford one deck. This led me to looking for interesting decks to play this week in Modern, knowing that I had some sweet guests lined up for the next couple of weeks. I heard rumors of a sweet UB Tezzeret list which was doing well, so I reached out to @Mildy_vein for his list which he was happy to provide a video deck tech on.

I also figured that since I would be piloting a deck with blue mana in it that I should enlist some help. Legit MTG has expanded its stream family by adding in Jason Clark, @RealEvilGenius for a show every Tuesday night at 8pm on the same channel as mine, called Arcane Laboratory. Jason will be looking at Modern and Legacy online so make sure you tune in there also and show your support. Jason also had a list that a friend of his had been working on in the same archetype. Here it is.

I ended up running both lists for a series of games with Jason, and I was happily surprised by the results.

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So what I found was that storm doesn’t like to play through against decks preboarded to hate them. Truth be told, there a ton of cards in this deck designed to hate out most of the important deck types in the format. Ensnaring Bridge, Torpor Orbs, relics or spellbombs, all do major work in the matches they are good in, and either become 5/5 beaters or simply passed over in matches they are not good in. I had a lot of concerns about how viable this archetype would be due to the number of Stony Silences that are being played by white decks to combat the Affinity menace. There are a lot of hate cards devoted to artifacts and graveyards in sideboards right now, and I had no idea how we would ever beat that card. After playing the deck, I can see how it might be possible. I remember how much fun it was to play with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas in Standard now, as you get to play with a ton of narrow and powerful hate cards which when found on time, can easily cripple your opponents. If you were ever curious about the deck as a strategy, I can tell you that its certainly worth exploring. Despite the fact that the deck looks terrible on paper, I hope that we were able to show that they actually perform much better in actual playtesting.

This week we start a little earlier, as we have the one and only Willy Edel back with us to show us what to do about Jund in modern.

Tune in at 830pm for a repeat of one of our most enjoyable shows to date.


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