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Compulsive Research: Inside the Fire

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Compulsive Research 700x235

With there only being a few tournaments left in current standard, and my PTQ for it recently completed, I thought I would go back for some more Modern this week. I had some Goyfs borrowed to complete my Modern Tribal Flames deck at the PTQ, should I scrub out and play in the Modern side event. I ended up doing pretty well in the main event though, so I unfortunately did not get a chance to play with the deck. I can honestly tell you that I have more fun playing Magic while piloting this deck than even some of my more infamous Commander decks, so missing an opportunity to play with the deck made me sad. I am thankfully lucky enough to be able to play the deck for all of you on MTGO, so I of course opted to do so!! Here is the list that I piloted last week.

This deck has been treating me very well on paper, and I knew that I could give some MTGO opponents a good run. Also, few things make me happier than playing every good card ever in the same deck. I entered into an 8 man online, and to save you the wasted time in between matches, I cut down the matches for you here. For those of you that watched the stream live, then you know that the best content actually comes in during the cut sections.

Here is the first match:

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Game one was against the BG Rock deck made popular by Josh Utter-Leyton during the Player’s Championship this year. This deck has the full book of Scavenging Oozes which makes our Snapcasters and Lingering Souls worse in this match than against other versions of Jund, since they can nuke a number of cards at once while pulling them out of the reach of your burn spells. They are also full of Liliana of the Veil, making our Geist of Saint Traft potentially vulnerable if you don’t account for that. Thankfully, this deck doesn’t have all the instant removal of its more colorful cousins, so your creatures might stick around a little longer than against other Jund variants.

Here is the second match:

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

This round we faced my always dreaded nemesis, RG Tron. Admittedly, I’ve played more than the average person’s amount of Jund in this format, so my instinctive hatred for this deck should be of no surprise to anyone. The good news is that our deck has a good game one, and exceptional sideboard games vs this, so as long as we don’t mulligan into oblivion or our opponent draws Tron naturally and has the Karn on turn three every game, we should be fine. Beware of both Pyroclasm and Oblivion Stone and you should be fine.

Here is the third match:

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

This round, we face off against the more traditional GBR Jund deck. This version is certainly one of the tougher ones for us, as the existence of Lightning Bolt in concert with Liliana of the Veil to control our mana accelerants can be problematic. Being able to manage the Dark Confidants early is important, but leaving them alive late game often is a leg up for us, as our burn combined with some late game Bob triggers can often close any gap quickly. Post board, we are really looking to become a Junk deck with Burn spells and land destruction, choking their manlands and making the one for one removal worse by utilizing threats like Voice of Resurgence to change the tempo and gain value from downed soldiers.

2-1 isn’t too bad, considering the punts that I made in the last round. Since we have many Canadians that did well in the GP in Vancouver, I will not have a guest tonight. I will instead be running this deck back, but with a slight change, suggested by Phil Samms on stream; Chandra, Pyromaster over Elspeth, Knight-Errant. I’ve been testing the change online since the stream, and I’m 100 percent convinced that it is an optimal change. Come watch me prove it!! 930PM EST, www.twitch.tv/legitmtg

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