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Compulsive Research: Jund Revisited

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235

There are a lot of requests for the video that we did with Matt Costa on standard Jund, but the Twitch.tv gods have deemed that one unfit for repeated viewing. Since I am one to try to give you guys exactly what you want, I scoured the community for another resource that I felt would do a great job of giving us an updated and in depth view of Jund in today’s standard. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look any further than the sunny state of Florida to find fellow Canadian and now TCG writer, John Cuvelier (@jcuvelier) ready and willing to get it done for us. John started his writing career here on legitmtg.com, and has been a longtime Jund pilot. Last year you would have saw his Jund build featuring Thundermaw Hellkite winning a standard open in Florida, and his writing has been featured also on SCG. His most recent article on TCG highlighted the list that we would be piloting this week and discusses a few of the key interactions. It can be found here. Here is the list for reference.

A couple of the changes you will find from the Costa List include removal of Anger of the Gods from the maindeck in favor of 2 Golgari Charm. The charm had a lot of versatility across many matches abs against the white aggro decks, functions the same way as anger would without being at odds with your mana or your Caryatids. Devour Flesh gets added as another way to kill big creatures that your removal otherwise can’t handle like Blood Baron, or killing early plays that would otherwise be hard to kill like Mutavault or even Pack Rat on turn 2. It should also be noted that Charm also kills a turn 2 Rat. The deck has also gone away from Rakdos’s Return, and opted instead for the Sire of Insanity route of attack. Although there are lots of times where smaller returns against devotion are going to be better than a 6 drop, the fact that Sire is almost unbeatable against UW, the more recently popular control strategy gives it an edge in the current metagame. The other main change is a move away from Polukranos, and instead, choosing to play a copy of Desecration Demon and another removal spell. This seemed like an odd change, but often we just need a way to close the game out, and the evasion on Demon seemed more relevant, especially since our opponents should often find themselves with no other creatures to stay our Demon with. The major issue this deck had was the amount of life that we lost trying to stabilize the board. Between the mana base, Thoughtseize and Read the Bones, there were a number of times that we ended the game at precarious life totals. Enter Whip of Erebos. Giving all of our huge monsters lifelink is amazing by itself, let alone the recursion on them. Also of note is the cute interaction with an animated Sire of Insanity, since you get to make everyone discard with it before it gets exiled from the Whip trigger. I was initially concerned about our devotion matches as format defining bad guy, Mono Black Devotion was previously a pretty bad match for us. Lets see how we did.

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So… About that mono black matchup.

I think that our increased ability to control all of the threats that the black deck presents in the maindeck makes this deck much more prepared for this match. Understandably I think that our mono blue match suffers a bit from some of the changes, but a couple of Mistcutter Hydra do a really good job of keeping that deck in check, so preparation is recommended. Loved the deck, always felt like we had some live draws, and I can’t wait to see what Born of the Gods brings the deck. This is definitely one of the best scry land decks in the format and with more of them on the way, and the potential spoiler of the Augur of Bolas/Dark Confidant hybrid on the horizon, the deck is only poised to improve.

Join us tonight when we get current Modern Master Larry Swasey on stream tonight to kick off our Modern series this January with his new deck revolving around Coldsnap all star, Zur the Enchanter! New year, new focus, new prizes. Tune in, tell your friends, comment and share. The more exposure we get, the more I get to give away. Bring the noise!

930pm EST

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