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Compulsive Research: Leaving a Legacy Behind

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Legacy

Compulsive Research 700x235

Hey everyone! How was your week? Mine’s been a crazy one with a whole bunch of shake ups, both physical and emotional. Khans of Tarkhir is selling like crazy everywhere, and the hype is real. It has been a very long time since a set like this has been so well received in the community, but both Zendikar and Innistrad come to mind. MTGO of course is still behind as of the time of the stream, so I decided that I would try something out for the first time on stream; I was going to play Legacy.

Legacy has never really been a format that interested me, as I’ve never really had an interest in spending two months of Mortgage payments to buy in. I also have never played Legacy really, except when that was the definition of “Type 1.5”. Thankfully, SCG has made Legacy a prominent format since the creation of the SCG Open Series, so it’s pretty tough to be completely oblivious to the format. Most people get indoctrinated through the high profile Invitational tournaments as the event is highly covered and is a split format event. From there, Sunday coverage of course is a near-weekly event, and before you know it, you are starting to comb through your EDH playables to cobble something together. One strategy in particular has been standing out to me, not just because of the recent success it has been enjoying, is UG Infect.

Tom “The Boss” Ross (@Boss_MTG) is the modern progenitor of the deck, and current expert on the archetype across all potential formats, despite him crediting Olle Rade for the initial list which Tom got his hands on. During the time that I was able to spend with Tom during the MTGO Community Cup, we had a lot of time to hang out and talk about Magic. We watched coverage of the Legacy Open event on the Sunday before we left Renton, and Both Todd Anderson and Brad Nelson were piloting Tom’s deck in the top 8 of the event. I have often spent afternoons watching event coverage of the best in the world battling against one another, but never have I had the chance to watch a mirror between two MTG Superstars with the deck builder and expert sitting right beside me. I learned so much about the deck and the ideas just from listening to Tom talk about his read on the board states, and it really cemented for me the desire to play this deck at some point. This desire combined with the MTGO down week, and an opening in Tom’s schedule meant that it was going to happen; and I was going to be able to share it with you all. I asked Tom for the list, and here is what I received in my inbox.

This list is really tight. I was very excited not only to hang out with Tom for a night, but also getting to play this deck without a mortgage down payment felt like good value regardless. Here is the stream for your pleasure.

Yeah… you got that right. I went 9-0 on the night. I completely lose at LEAST 3 of those games without Tom piloting, but even on my own, the deck just felt so overpowered compared to most of the format. Consider the fact that Infect only has to deal 10 points of damage, and that’s where the unfairness really resides. It can be very aggressive, and yet the blue cards give it some much needed interactivity, often without requiring the expenditure of mana. This allows the Infect player to continue to cast and resolve the back breaking pump spells while still operating under a veil of protection. The one thing that I was actually really surprised by was the number of decisions that actually exist in the games with the deck. Like any good tempo style deck, knowing when to make them have it and when to play the grind game takes a strong understanding of the format. I do not believe that one could pick this deck up cold and find lasting success with it without a healthy amount of experience in the format under your belt first. Knowing how to identify what you are playing against as soon as possible, as well as understanding what that deck’s methods of interaction are with you are so important here in particular, as some Legacy decks just kill as fast or faster than you, and some could play cards that just invalidate you immediately, making it nearly impossible to win should they resolve. Always be asking yourself “How can they stop me from winning?” “What can they do to win?” “How do I lose this game?” as these questions can often get you talking through your decision trees to yourself. This all being said, Legacy as a format is extremely vast and wide, and you can never account for every card in every deck, so you will have to rely on non verbal cues to try to get the “soul read” on your opponent before going for the kill. This deck was an absolute blast to play with and I hope someday to be able to do so at a large event.

I talked about some ups and downs earlier this week, and although this stream is a highlight, there was no shortage of things to talk about. I was in a minor car accident Friday on the night we were celebrating my wife’s Birthday. Everyone involved is fine, and the car will be fixed, but it’s always inconvenient. I also have some good/bad news for you all also, as this will be the last stream I put on and article I write for Legit MTG for the foreseeable future. I am very thankful for all of the care and support that I have gotten from you, the readers, and the staff at Legit MTG, as I have accomplished a lot in the past 2 years, none of which would have been possible without this. For all of you that have supported me and my content over the last few years, I want to thank you. You have driven me to become a better player, and a better person in the community. This spirit of course has driven me to also become a better streamer, so that means that it’s time to expand! I will be streaming now more days per week, and over on my personal channel, www.twitch.tv/MrScottyMac !! So go on over there and check that out tonight at 9pm EST as I battle some new Standard with KTK!! My first foray into the format will be with a Temur list from Frank Lepore, with a couple small updates, so tell everyone you know to come and give the page a follow. I’m going to shoot for partnership in short order, but I need your help and the numbers to do it. I’m very excited for this next chapter, and I hope that you will all come join me on it as well. Weekly articles will of course be posting also, but for now, you’ll have to come to the stream to find out where! You can always follow me on Twitter if you are not already (@MrScottyMac), you can find me on Facebook, or just email me at MrScottyMac@Gmail.com. It’s not goodbye, it’s just good journey. Come and see what the next leg of it looks like.

Thank you all for everything.

Much Love

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