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Compulsive Research: Modern Mastery Redux

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Modern

Compulsive Research 700x235

When I started streaming, I was focused pretty heavily on the Modern format. After going through the gauntlet of decks, I settled on one that really fit my play style preferences in Jund. I played many of the builds, eventually settling on the 4 color version splashing white for Lingering Souls as my preferred deck for the PTQ season. Since moving away from a Modern focus on the stream, it had been a long time since I actually played the format. With the recent GP in Detroit having been Modern, I was obviously keenly interested to see what had changed in the format I had spent so much time in. Thankfully, not too much has changed, and what I thought was good then, still is. Ben Moir is a respected Canadian MTG Grinder, who has been on a tear of big local tournaments, winning MDSS in Ottawa and top 8’ing the one in Toronto. Ben is a recent addition to Team Manadeprived and it was great to see him place in the Top 4 of the event after losing in the Semifinals to Reid Duke who was piloting Jund. I touched base with Ben, invited him to come on the stream, and he sent me an updated version of his 4 color Jund deck which in coverage was called Ajundi. Here’s what we battled with:

The Internet connection between Ben and I was a little shaky, but it gets ironed out. During the stream, we battle in a series of 2 man queues and even try our hand at an 8 man. Check it out!

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Come back tonight so we can battle some more before Theros comes to us on mtgo. Maybe we will cube a little, maybe I’ll have an old favorite on hand for us to crush some standard queues with, maybe both! Twitch.tv/legitmtg at 930pm EST. It’s a variety week at Compulsive Research. That means sweet tunes and an epic time. Don’t miss it. Also, one lucky commenter this week gets a super sweet prize, so let me have em!!

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