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Compulsive Research: Season’s Beatings

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235
With the holiday season almost directly upon us, I decided that I wanted to play something themed to try to entertain you. I obviously was looking at a few different RG lists, from the Devotion lists, to the more diverse RG monsters deck, similar in nature to Jon Stern’s PT deck, or more recently, the CVM deck from the VS videos on SCG select this week. After reading a tweet from a friend of mine, Luis Acosta (@auranalchemist) about his recent experiences with and against Ghor-Clan Rampager, I decided to look for something more aggressive in nature. Thankfully, Tom “The Boss” Ross didn’t disappoint. I bring you RG Blitz.

I looked at the deck, and tried to envision the nightmare that it could present if I were on the other side of the table. This really felt like it was going to be one of if not the, best Burning-Tree Emissary decks that are available to us. Skylasher is a wonderful card right now against a variety of decks, and being able to play an Emissary into a choice of the spider or a Madcap Skills leaves you with a pretty good warm holiday feeling. It wasn’t until I started playing some games with the deck that I realized exactly how explosive the deck can be. There were a number of games that I was able to do lethal damage to my opponent with one creature from 18 life in one turn. Armed // Dangerous is a heck of a Magic card, especially when paired with a Titan’s Strength, or if you’re on the nice list, a Ghor-Clan Rampager. Tom does a great job discussing the SB Strategies against most of the regular metagame decks here. I used this as reference during my games, so you should read it if you want to play this deck. Here are the games.

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It should be obvious that I am not a good blitz player. I watched the games afterwards, and I often found myself just racing as fast a I could, blowing all of my resources as quickly as I could to make sure that they get use. The more I played with the deck, the more I realized that being able to know when to poke and when to turn the corner and smash is a super important skill to possess if you are looking to find success with this deck. The creatures on their own are basically small and are very quickly outclassed by a number of the popular creatures in the format. (I’m looking at you Desecration Demon) I always felt like playing against Elspeth or a Demon forced me to have so many cards in concert to take it down. Many times I was reminded of the look on Owen Turtenwald’s face when he was playing against Max Tietze in an SCG Open top 8 when Max resolved Elspeth.

I know that you guys have been asking for the video that we did with Matt Costa. Unfortunately, it seems to have been deleted and Twitch hasn’t gotten back to me about it yet. I’ve decided to try to make it up to you by getting another Jund expert on the show to walk us through the deck and it’s matchups in time for your Standard PTQs. John Cuvelier, well known Floridian Tournament End Boss, and previous LegitMTG.com author will be joining us for some adventures in Jund. John wrote a very good article on the archetype in current standard at his new home over at TCG Player. Check it out here for good homework coming in to this week. I’ve been working on layout stuff for the stream also, so I should have some changes for you. I’m pretty excited, and who knows? We might even get some hot Chandra action in also!

930pm EST

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