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Compulsive Research: Sidestepping the Metagame

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235

The Star City Games Invitational tournament happened a couple of weeks ago, and was won by none other than SCG’s own Brad Nelson. This tournament held a lot of great stories, like Gerry Thompson’s last sanctioned tournament before starting his internship at WOTC, Brian Braun-Duin looking to take back to back major tournaments fresh off his recent win at GP Louisville the week before, and Brad of course looking to win his first Invitational, also off the back of a top 8 showing in Louisville. Brad Nelson showed his strong metagaming skills by bringing a unique concoction which he dubbed Naya Control. The list originated from MTGO Grinder Reynad, but Brad tuned it significantly for this tournament, and ended up going 8-0 against the Invitational Standard field. With such a commanding performance, I had to give it a try for all of you. Here is the list that we ran:

This is a tap out control deck which has no intrinsic synergies making it fairly resistant to Thoughtseize effects, and is chock full of hard to answer threats combined with a near infinite amount of removal. The removal is versatile and efficient, and the threats are well placed on curve and are generally difficult to deal with. I played a number of games with the list, and had a great time with all of you! We almost hit 500 viewers!!! Brad Nelson himself showed up in the chat for a while, and helped to give me some pointers on the deck. Check out the stream here.

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The deck was much harder to play than I expected, as I often found myself basically killing everything I could as fast as possible and hoping to draw a bomb off the top to win. This ended up being our downfall in a couple of occasions where we flooded on useless cards allowing the opponent time to kill us. The 7 scry lands help a lot as the only form of library manipulation, and not having any draw engines available makes this line of play tougher to win with. I’m sure that with infinite practice, this could actually be a very powerful deck, especially with the recent surge of aggressive strategies. 4 main deck Anger of the Gods and a pile of flexible removal sounds like a really good place to be in the coming weeks. I suggest that if you are interested in playing this deck, that you read the primer that Brad wrote on it on SCG Premium last week.

Congrats to all the winners from the giveaways over the last couple weeks. With the sale of LegitMTG finally complete, the commitment to you, the viewers and patrons of the site are in for a bunch more support through stream giveaways and a huge influx of inventory to spend them on! We are adding more and more of the 200 000 cards each and everyday. I suggest you use those wishlists aggressively because they’re about to get filled fast! Remember, the way to win is to login to Twitch, and then watch the stream, the more people that are watching, the greater the prizes!!

This week we have Gerard Fabiano on stream with me as we put his new BUG list through it’s paces. Lots of great decks and great guests on tap for the coming weeks. Make sure that you tune in, and make sure that you get your friends to do so also! You won’t believe what I’m giving away at 1000 viewers!

9:30PM EST Monday night. See you there!

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