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Compulsive Research: Some Junk For Your Trunk

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235

I have been on a tour of Standard lately. Journey Into Nyx has unleashed some amazing new cards into the format, and along with it, super charged a lot of the tier 1.5 decks allowing them to find success in the new Standard metagame. One of these decks which stood out to me instantly, was a GWB Midrange deck which almost took down the first SCG Standard open where JOU was legal. The deck was created and piloted by none other than deck brewer extraordinaire, Jeff Hoogland. Jeff has been known to play some off the wall lists which stretch the imagination (and mana bases) to nearly unsustainable lengths. For this tournament however, Jeff decided to stick to something a lot more linear and took it to third place losing to Bg Devotion and some rough draws.

Here was the list for that event.

Jeff then goes on to write a great article about the deck over here with a couple of revisions. I knew I had to pilot this on stream, as my experiences with it on paper had shown excellent promise. I made only one change to the main deck, and moved the main deck Sin Collector to the board over a Banishing Light to make room for a single copy of Voyaging Satyr. The deck seemed to always want a mana dork, and adding one that could give me an additional color of anything I have, who could attack, and could also potentially get me more cards with Underworld Connections seemed like a neat addition.

Here were the games, presented with a specific warning: I was particularly… vocal. I’m not normally such a sailor, but something about that day just… merited it? Regardless, suggest you not watch this on full blast if you can’t handle some.. colorful language.

You’ve been advised.

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Sorry for the broken videos, but it seemed like Twitch wanted to give me some grief and made the stream restart a few times. It should all be there though. What a ride.

I can honestly tell you that I have not had more fun playing this block’s standard than when I was piloting this deck. The deck is just amazing threats, card advantage engines and vindicates. The most important part about this specific combination of cards, is the overall versatility of all of the cards. The removal is as close to vindicate as we will see in the new world order, and all of the threats have reach in all of the different match types. All of these things will serve a capable player quite well moving into the future standard format. I mean, Junk won the block Pro Tour, which means that this combination of cards isn’t going anywhere. The best part about the combination is that you have such a variety of threats and answers at your disposal, easily adjusted to combat whatever metagame you need to beat.

The cards which have impressed me a lot in this particular build are both Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, and Advent of the Wurm. Ajani is capable of providing a ton of assistance to you throughout the game, either buffing your creatures to help close games that you are leading in, and he similarly can dig through your deck to find some threats and reinforcements when you are behind. He has a very high loyalty, and with him always ticking up, he can get out of reach very quickly. Do not sleep on this card, as it will be a strong player in the new Standard format, mark my words. Advent on the other hand, is not long for this format, which makes me sad, since a 5/5 trampling Wurm at instant speed for 4 mana should have been far better for much longer than it was. Advent made a splash when Snapcaster Mage was legal in standard, but once Tiago rotated into a Modern All Star, Advent was left on the sidelines. Now, we have a surprise threat available in a deck which can be deployed to great effect in a deck with mana ramp and a pile of instant speed removal. Having Trample is also a huge boon to the card right now, as Elspeth tokens are the chumps of choice these days.

Next article will cover the Wu Ephara deck which we played with Jacob Van Lunen, in which we did very well. If you have some standard events coming up, you’re not going to want to miss that. Monday’s stream is a return to Modern, and we start with a monster deck, and an amazing return guest. Can’t wait?

Me neither.


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