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Compulsive Research: The Costa Greatness

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235
We have been piloting a variety of GBx midrange decks for a while on the show. Junk, BUG, and a couple different flavors of Jund. Last time you were here, we were playing a midrange Jund deck piloted to success at the SCG Providence event by Matt Costa. Last week we ended up playing against Mono Black a little too often for my liking, which really skewed the power that this deck actually has. My off stream testing with the list have demonstrated to me that the list is certainly worth playing, and in order to prove it to you, I was able to get the deck creator himself on board to tell you. Matt Costa graciously was able to take some time to play some games with us during his busy school time, and it was amazing. I can tell you that I learned even more about the deck and sequencing just by listening to Matt talk about his play lines. We made a very slight update to the list, so here is the list for reference, in case you were not here last week.

Matt does a really good job of covering sideboard card choices like Slaughter Games and his choice of Doom Blades, and discussing the reason to play Red instead of White or Blue with his premium removal spells. The truth is, that if Matt Costa is NOT playing a deck with Islands, it should say some real things about the state of the format. We played a handful of matches in the Queues, and overall, I’m up tickets this time! Here it is in all of it’s glory.

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

So the Punt count this week stays at 1.5, with one of them being a savage misclick. I’m not afraid to say that I was very impressed with Matt. He is one of the people in the pro community that I had never really had too much interaction with, but he was easy going, approachable, and just awesome to hang with. I have often heard that he has one of the more analytical minds for the game, but I was very pleased to see his more human sense of humor come through. I really enjoyed the time that we spent on stream hanging out, and look forward to him coming back in the near future.

Since the time of the stream, we have seen some swings in the Standard format. Mono Black and Mono Blue seem to be fighting hard for top spot here in North America, while Vienna showed a return to both Red Devotion and control strategies. Also of note is the surge in RW and WB aggro strategies. I really feel like standard right now is in the place where we could benefit from playing a deck like this, while intimately knowing your matchup plans could pay large dividends. Jund has traditionally been a strategy which has been very good against the field, as it has all of the tools to handle both the aggressive strategies, as well as the more controlling ones. There are so many different strategies in the mix right now, that I would really like to be playing a deck with no real un-winnable matches. This is definitely a 75 card 3 game deck, so make sure you play briskly so you won’t end up at time. As Matt suggests though, playing with all of the decks in the format is a great way for you to get better value out of your Thoughtseize effects and help you understand the important cards in the matchups. As long as your metagame isn’t rife with Blood Baron of Vizkopa, I would be more than happy to take this along to a table. Once again a huge thank you to Matt for joining me, and I look forward to having you back.

Tonight I return to Modern, where we will be casting some of the most efficient and powerful cards in the format. If we are lucky, we might even get a GP winner to join us!

Tune in to www.twitch.tv/legitmtg tonight at 930pm EST

Also, I have figured out the Mic issue. No more bees in the stream, I promise!!

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