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Compulsive Research: The Dog Days of Standard

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235
Hey everyone! It’s the end of standard as we know it. With Theros fast approaching, its clear that people are just experimenting with decks and playing cards that they want to use, instead of the ones they have to use to win tournaments with. This standard was very open as far as standard formats go, where at any given time, there were at least 5-6 viable decks that you could play to some success. Now that we have the fullest number of possible cards to play, and almost no tournaments of PTQ relevance anymore, it’s even worse. I decided this week to try out a deck that is almost survivable post rotation, and also coincidentally placed 2nd at the SCG event in Baltimore. Here is the GW list by Heath Purdue

We entered the standard daily, so let’s see how we did!

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I guess variance is a cruel mistress. Sometimes you just don’t draw the right lands in a 2 color deck. I hope that you all can appreciate the brevity this week. After all of the things I have going on in the near future, it makes sense to dial back a little on the time that I’m committing to non-life things. Keep watching the stream, and stay tuned for more awesome guests, great music, fun decks, and mediocre Magic! Follow along at www.twitch.tv/legitmtg

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