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Compulsive Research: The Fabulous BUG

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235

Standard today seems like its in a great place right now, as there are a ton of different decks that are viable. There are writers with more experience than me who are claiming that Standard is in an ever repeating cycle of Aggro/Midrange/Control decks all taking turns being on top of the metagame. Specifically, Mono Red, Blue devotion, and Black Devotion/Esper/UW seem to be the flavors of the format right now. I have been stranded in the Midrange pool, which frankly, seems like a great place to be right now. All of my decks have game against both aggro and control, and overall, I am up tickets in this new standard. I have known that I wanted to use Black and Green cards like Abrupt Decay, Golgari Charm and Reaper of the Wilds for the last month now, and I have been on the quest to find the most interesting and successful combination of these cards. I had been cruising my Twitter timeline and happened upon some tweets from Gerard Fabiano about a BUG list that he had found much success with. Having first established my crush on Reaper while watching Frank Lepore play with his early BUG list, I was keenly interested. After looking at the list, I knew that I had to have @GFab5 on the show to run this with us. It just looked like it was going to be way too much fun. Here is the list for your reference.


The pile of Scry lands in this list are really at their best in this one. This deck has answers for everything possible, we just need to find them in the right sequence. I was very impressed with Nightveil Specter in this list, as it really gives the deck a great threat or blocker which you really need right now to survive the aggressive red and blue matches. Scavenging Ooze also was very good for me over the course of my testing with the deck, but 3 is definitely the right number. Primeval Bounty was a great card out of the Sideboard, especially in conjunction with Nightveil Specter as you almost always have something to trigger the enchantment with. Playing this deck really reminded me of playing with the early RUG deck during my Modern Mastery streams. This obviously is a little more on the controlling end of the Midrange cycle, but the deck has enough early threats postboard to really get aggressive also should the need arise. there is a lot of interest in the deck, as nearly 35% of my testing this week has been against this list in the 2 man queues. This deck (or very near to it) was even mentioned on the Mothership by LSV in the Daily Deck section, which never hurts the popularity of a deck. Gerard has a lot to say about the deck, and as always, the professional opinions are always of the highest value to anyone interested in the deck.
Here is the stream:

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This week we have a returning guest to the stream, none other than the Expensive Sorcery Master himself, Shaheen Soorani. Fresh off of his excellent commentary gig this weekend, he will be showing us the ins and outs of his UWR Control deck. Will it have what it takes to smash the aggro decks while maintaining the icy grip in the control mirror, Only one way to find out!! Tune in to twitch.tv/legitmtg at 9:30pm tonight to have the mystery solved. Plus, tell your friends, login with multiple accounts, whatever you have to do, cause we are giving away lots of wonderful prizes at 250, 500, 750, and 1000 viewers. Get the word out!

See you tonight.

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