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Compulsive Research: The Icy Grip Returns

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235
As promised, the SCG Invitational end boss, and control deck master Shaheen Soorani joined us on stream this week to talk about his UWR deck, recently discussed on SCG on the premium side here. The deck has been through a couple of updates since the article, most notably in the sideboard. Here is the deck that we played this week.

The Jace, Memory Adepts from the board are a great way to literally overload on threats for the control matches, while removing the situational damage based removal for them and ways to ensure that your threats will resolve and stay in play. Listening to Shaheen discuss the sideboarding strategy and having me actually place the two halves of the board on different sides of the screen was really eye opening. The main deck really sits in the middle between being good against aggro and control, but there are still a lot of cards that are definitively better in one match type over the other. The dichotomous nature of the sideboard really shows that the deck is capable of becoming a precision metagame killer after board, which makes it arguably favoured against any match post board. I can easily see Shaheen’s points on why this list is better against aggressive decks than Esper, as Warleader’s Helix goes a really long way towards making sure that we have the time for our game winners to take over, all the while decimating the opposing offense. After spending the week running the Naya Control list from the last SCG Invitational, I gained a lot of respect for Assemble the Legion. It really does shine here, as being able to land a threat which some decks are basically just dead to is a great feeling. Aetherling seems to be considered this kind of threat, but ultimately Aetherling requires much more attention and resources. Assemble is very much a “what now?” kind of card, as you basically get to look at your opponent with that very question after it resolves. Like a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven, you just set it and forget it. Eventually, your opponent’s goose will be cooked to a perfect juicy brown.

Here is the stream

Watch live video from LegitMTG on TwitchTV

Piloting the deck was a lot of fun. The sheer power behind some of the cards provide a number of moments that simply blow out the opponent and swing the game firmly into your favor. Cards like Helix, Elspeth, Supreme Verdict, and Revelation fall firmly into this camp. A combination of two of these cards landing on curve with the lands to cast them are basically game over for your opponent. I don’t traditionally gravitate towards these deck anymore personally since my decision trees need work, but I was speaking to Jason Clark, (@realevilgenius) who took this deck to FNM this week. He went x-1 with it losing only to Gruul Devotion, which seems like a tough match, as most of the creatures are bigger than your burn, and Garruk, Caller of Beasts seems like he would give you issues if it resolves. Multiple Verdicts seem like a necessity to escape that one.

We had some technical issues this week towards the end of the show, hence the cut off. Let me tell you that my ultimate streaming machine is back up and running for this week, so I can assure you will have an excellent viewing experience chock full of killer tunes, and unlagging streams.

I have an interesting deck on tap for this week, but you will have to wait for TUESDAY to see it. I got stuck at an annual work related event for Monday night, but I have been grinding the list all week since last stream, and I’m finally starting to see some success. I can’t wait to bring it to you guys. Super huge thanks to the guys over at MTGOTraders.com for their love and support. We wouldn’t have this without you. Make sure that you hit them up for your MTGO needs. See you all Tuesday.

MTGO: LegitMTG_Scotty

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