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Compulsive Research: Unleash the Beasts

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, FNM, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235

Many of you know that I have been pretty high on the RG monsters list coming into Born of the Gods Standard, so now that the set has become legal on MTGO, I was very excited to share my experiences with the deck. There was a great version of it that got played at SCG Nashville, piloted to a second place finish by Kent Ketter. I reached out to him, and invited him to the show. Bring a great human being, he graciously accepted, making me feel even better about our ability to bring you high level expertise with the archetype. I was all set and ready to rock the RG list, when Cedric Philips went and posted a fantastic article on his update on the archetype.

I of course was instantly in love. Two creatures that have always been the bane of the RG deck are Master of Waves and Desecration Demon. Having clean sideboard cards that are very effective at dealing with these crippling threats was instantly super appealing, and so was the impact that the color would have in both control and midrange green mirror matches. I have played so many matches of RG mirrors which are instantly decided by the first unanswered turn 3 Polukranos. Having access to a clean answer in the form of Dreadbore or even Ultimate Price post board really turns the match-up in Jund’s favor. Dreadbore also has the flexibility to be able to take down Planeswalkers which can be relevant not only in the mirrors, but in the control match-up obviously. I messaged Kent, who of course was working the deck ideas with Cedric, and shared his own version of the list with us. Kent was definitely in the Rampager camp still, especially with the corner case of Deathtouch on Reaper of the Wilds. Here is the stream.

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Kent was great. I really enjoyed having him on the stream, and his insights into the deck were amazing. I continued to battle with the deck, as I had a GPT for GP Montreal on Saturday, and wanted to have the right practice. I also watched Cedric streaming all week with the list, as he tuned the side board to the sweet spot for the weekend. I went with the main deck that Kent suggested with Rampagers, but took up Cedric’s sideboard exactly. After some Friday night Facebook chatting with Cedric and Kent to shore up sideboarding plans, I knew that I was ready to play. I showed up to the venue, feeling comfortable with the deck, and the plan I had for my match ups. Here is the list I sleeved up.

I gave the list and the plan to a friend of mine, who I played almost the same list, but decided on the 2nd Mutavault and some number of Rakdos’s Return in his main deck.

I ended up in round 5 or 7 at 4-0-1 and then proceeded to lose back to back win and ins to WB Midrange and RW Devotion. I know that I kept a couple of bad hands against WB, who in game one went turn 3 Lifebane Zombie on play followed by demon and demon, and then got ratted out game 2 after I took a mull to 6 and get Thoughtseized turn 1 for my Dreadbore. RW goes to 3 games, the third of which I’m forced to overload mortars into double Ash Zealot double reckoner to keep from dying, at which point my opponent plays the perfect card off the top in Fanatic of Mogis to go along with the Burning-Tree Emissary in his hand to kill me exactly for my last 3 points of life.

Overall, I loved the deck. It looks like the format is shifting heavily towards RG, and having ways to trump the mirror while gaining edges in the previously rough matches are definitely the place to be right now until Burning Earth comes back to prominence. Ask Kent, who just went again to the top 8 of another SCG event this week in St Louis.

Congratulations are in order for my fellow Canadian, and PT Born of the Gods Champion, Shaun McLaren. He proved himself quite a force to be reckoned with, and will likely become a nice addition to the surge of Canadian talent in the year to come. Modern seems like a brand new world, and apparently, my old love is still burning bright. At the GPT, there was a Modern side event and I did have the opportunity to see a bunch of great decks being played, one of which I have secured for your viewing pleasure tonight. Games will be fast, furious and maybe even dare I say… furry?

Come tune in and see what happens!
930pm EST, www.twitch.tv/legitmtg

I assure that you will be entertained!

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