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Compulsive Research: Welcome to the Jund-gle

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Compulsive Research 700x235
Those of you that have been around since our testing for GP Calgary earlier this year, should know that I have a soft spot in my heart for Domri Rade Midrange decks. I have fought my fair share of creatures with Boros Reckoners, and sometimes, even when it has lifelink. That said, when I was searching for a new deck to play in Standard, it was nearly impossible to turn this one down:

This was the version of a deck I came up with after speaking to the list originator; 3pthorror1 on MTGO. I played a ton with the deck and made a couple of changes to get it to this point. I was very excited about what the deck was capable of doing, as playing an aggressive game seemed to be what we needed to do against a stream of control and mono red decks. We have a bunch of creatures that get progressively bigger than what our opposing aggro decks are presenting, while leveraging strategic removal and a versatile card advantage engine in Domri Rade. Domri has traditionally been a great source of pain for control decks of standard days past, and I was very excited to see what the little guy would be capable of in today’s standard. The best part about the deck is actually the use of Underworld Cerberus as a 4 of in the main deck. You get to play an aggressive attrition game able to aggressively trade creatures when needed, knowing that Reaper combined with Cerberus is going to get you the maximum amount of value permitted from non blue creatures. The sideboard allows you to turn into a more traditional Jund Midrange deck full of disruption and more high quality removal. Let’s see how we did.

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So… that was… unfortunate.

This deck unfortunately struggles with the Devotion lists, especially the red and/or green versions. They have the potential for such explosive starts, which often ramp up to a point where even our creatures get trumped. Domri’s fight ability is just underwhelming right now, and I think it has a lot to do with the tempo of the current metagame. In Naya last standard season, we would often be able to drop a solid 3 drop creature on turn 2, being either a Loxodon Smiter or a Boros Reckoner, making a follow up fight from Domri often as good as a Doom Blade. In this deck though, Caryatid and the scry lands make the natural progression more like 2 drop to 4 drop. Sometimes, its 2 drop to 3 drop which isn’t actually providing any additional tempo to your plays. There also is the matter of Abrupt Decay, Hero’s Downfall, and Detention Sphere being the most popular removal spells in the format, all of which handle Domri very well. It’s entirely possible that this is just the wrong color combination for Domri right now, as shown to some effect by the early RG devotion lists, but it also just could be that his casting cost and the removal spells are holding the man down. I’m willing to look again at a Domri deck when we see a bit more from Born of the Gods. Some nice 3 drop creatures would help a lot, and so would a shift in the meta. Basically when Boros Reckoner is good in the format, Domri get similarly good. Especially together.

I’m hoping to see you all out tonight, as we rock some fun tunes and fun games. I expect we will either be on Costa Jund, or a Naya deck with 12 BURN SPELLS!!! Come see what wins out tonight. 930pm EST. www.twitch.tv/legitmtg Remember, we are giving away sweet prizes if we get the numbers, so make sure you tell your friends, and spread the word. All the spoils could be yours!!

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