20 Tweets: Chatter

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20 Tweets: Chatter

Heather Lafferty

Heather brings a rare level of passion to all things Magic. She's not a tournament grinder but she loves the game and the community more than most. She's the inventor of 20 Tweets and one of the lead content developers for Legit MTG. Her official title around here is Community Manager but we all know her as our Angel.

The chatter on Twitter this week has been wide-ranging and exciting. Aaron Forsythe (@mtgaaron) posed a question to his followers which had me pondering the funniest excuses I have heard players give after a game loss. What are some of the classic ones you have heard? It looks like Channel Fireball will be representing for the USA. We @LSV had won the #WMCQ to join Brian Kibler for Team USA! The talk doesn’t end there. Previews for M13 continue and Sublime Angel was unveiled. Things are about to get interesting.

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