20 Tweets: Pax East and MTG Spoilers

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20 Tweets: Pax East and MTG Spoilers

Heather Lafferty

Heather brings a rare level of passion to all things Magic. She's not a tournament grinder but she loves the game and the community more than most. She's the inventor of 20 Tweets and one of the lead content developers for Legit MTG. Her official title around here is Community Manager but we all know her as our Angel.

Pax East happened over the weekend and brought us amazing spoilers from the MTG Panel. There were Demons and (lots and lots of) Angels. Avacyn Restored will feature a new mechanic called “Miracles” that alters mana cost when a card is top-decked. One of the bigger announcements which had Twitter all a-buzz is that we will be returning to Ravnica!

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