20 Tweets: SCG St. Louis

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20 Tweets: SCG St. Louis

Heather Lafferty

Heather brings a rare level of passion to all things Magic. She's not a tournament grinder but she loves the game and the community more than most. She's the inventor of 20 Tweets and one of the lead content developers for Legit MTG. Her official title around here is Community Manager but we all know her as our Angel.

The Star City Games Open Series in St. Louis featured some hot new Standard and Legacy technology: format diversity. In post-M13 Standard, Delver failed to transform into a Top 8 appearance, while Caleb Durward’s Naya Pod birthed a win among a pack of green decks. In Legacy, Belcher made it to the finals in the hands of a new player–the deepest Belcher run in SCG Open Series history. The Legacy Top 8 was tribal-friendly with “budget” Merfolk and Elves going deep. Goblins with some M13 love made top 16, too. In the end, however, the stalwart Esper Stoneblade deck took it down in the hands of Matt Hoey.

[tweet https://twitter.com/End3r000/status/223140650986647552]

[tweet https://twitter.com/jmp2071/status/223939755564482560]

[tweet https://twitter.com/AffinityForBlue/status/224164680296435712]

[tweet https://twitter.com/BryceMenard/status/224178277709922304]

[tweet https://twitter.com/ARay831/status/224220231437004800]

[tweet https://twitter.com/jjflipped/status/224167858605797376]

[tweet https://twitter.com/JonHammack/status/224236830084706304]

[tweet https://twitter.com/jasonjnielsen/status/224237884465614848]

[tweet https://twitter.com/DennyDowty/status/224242020661731328]

[tweet https://twitter.com/BenHeath37/status/224268272424587267]

[tweet https://twitter.com/WalkThePlanes/status/224269899739037698]

[tweet https://twitter.com/MrKing_/status/224272572131450880]

[tweet https://twitter.com/hamiltonianurst/status/224556547383103489]

[tweet https://twitter.com/jaaranson/status/224514387896057856]

[tweet https://twitter.com/DravenCorvinus/status/224864588833886208]

[tweet https://twitter.com/samdavisboyhero/status/224612626657853440]

[tweet https://twitter.com/setharroyo7/status/224571384637034496]

[tweet https://twitter.com/st4rwind/status/224582872969908225]

[tweet https://twitter.com/MoxReuby/status/224624436001779712]

[tweet https://twitter.com/bigifonlyone/status/224695069377167360]

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