Daily Decklist – GR Land Destruction – Pauper

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Daily Decklist – GR Land Destruction – Pauper

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

Today sure is a weird day, content wise for the site.  We’re jam packed, not only with the daily feature, but also the podcast and the Jeff’s sealed preview of sorts for the limited Grand Prix this weekend.  I was tempted to not write at all, but I can’t really call something a Daily Decklist, and then just not do the article for the day right?  It is not the best look!  To be honest, I did struggle trying to find a cool deck to write about it.  Besides this daily I try to do a weekly column on PureMTGO writing about the cool Standard decklists as well, which is written, and will be published next week because I couldn’t find room for it this week, but I don’t want to overlap that column and this feature.  I looked at Brawl lists, they should be cool to write about, and the league information for sure paints a different picture than the challenge lists that seemingly nothing but Baral, Chief of Compliance lists and nothing more.  Going deep was just about all I could do today, which is ok.  We’re covered well on content and it is Oak’s Day in Kentucky, so things seem to be a little more relaxed thanks to day one of horse prom.

Conley Woods is one of my favorite deckbuilders, and I’m sure I’ve established that before.  I also think I’ve complimented his dancing, but I think his greatest feat may have been bringing a land destruction deck to the Pauper format and doing well with it. Drawing inspiration from the Arbor Elf fueled decks of the Modern format, this deck looks to attack the land base of the commons only format and does an incredible job doing so.  By enchanting a Forest with Utopia Sprawl or Wild Growth, Arbor Elf gets to untap that land, getting 2 mana each time it happens.  This ramp allows us to play ahead of the curve and really increases our likelihood of disrupting the opponent on turn two.   Of course it gets better the more greedy one gets with the land enchantments!

Earth Rift has flashback, Mold Shambler has flexibility, Thermokarst can randomly gain a point of life if you blow up a snow-covered land, which is not a pipe dream in the format.  Stone Rain is one of the original land destruction spells, and Mwonvuli Acid-Moss is also a ramp spell that kills a land.  It’s not just about land destruction though, as Serrated Arrows helps to keep Elves in check and Firebolt can kill off x/2s.

The payoffs to this land destruction deck are Ulamog’s Crusher, which has an Annihilator trigger, further putting your opponent behind, but let’s face it, when this monster comes in to play, your opponent should be well on their way to scooping their cards.  Entourage of Trest is another one, and it helps to fuel us, as we become the monarch whenever it comes in to play.  It’s a great card to use against the Boros decks that run the mechanic as well, taking the monarch from them and giving you a creature that can block two creatures in the same combat with its decent sized body.  Tinder Wall is here as another ramp spell.

While Pauper has been dominated by blue decks and talks of bans, which are in my mind, long overdue, this GR land destruction is a ton of fun, and another deck that Conley, and his Magical Christmasland way of brewing has given to the community!

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