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Daily Decklist – Paradoxical Outcome – Standard

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Daily Decklist – Paradoxical Outcome – Standard

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

I’ve decided that we are going to enter the daily decklist racket, because well, it’s a pretty cool idea, and I really find a lot of decks that I sadly don’t get the chance to talk about. This idea has been a thing on several other sites, and I figured that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Also, with Dominaria hitting MTGO and league results coming out, the amount of super cool decks are at a high right now!

I plan to cover Standard, Modern, Pauper, 1v1 Commander and Brawl (well, Brawl after they do something about Baral, maybe) on a rotating basis. I will have more of an emphasis on Standard and Modern. These are the formats that I know best, and I have learned throughout my time playing Magic that Vintage and Legacy are not for me, unless I am casting Goblin Charbelcher or dredging things.

That’s enough of an intro, let’s get to today’s deck!

Mox Amber has the potential to be a dangerous card. The Alpha Moxen are clearly among the best cards ever printed, and Mox Diamond, Chrome Mox and Mox Opal are all cards with drawbacks, but can be built around to negate those drawbacks. Mox Amber, in a set full of Legends, has the hardest one to take advantage of. Sure you can play it, but it does nothing when you activate it if you have no Legendary Creatures or Planeswalkers in play. Sure cheap legends like Baral, Chief of Compliance will help out, but what if you were not actually looking to tap Mox Amber for mana?

Paradoxical Outcome is a card that sees plenty of play in Vintage, and it should because it gets to exploit a ton of cheap artifacts to find combo pieces, but in Standard it has seen fringe play at best. The deck, which features Aetherflux Reservoir as its kill condition, would spring up from time to time, but in a world of Abrade and energy, it always felt like it was missing something. That something, after looking at the recently reported 5-0 decks may very well be Mox Amber. It’s another cheap spell that can power out Improvise spells and it’s super great to bounce with your outcome! Ornithopter is another 0 drop for the deck to take advantage of. Filling it up are cards like Renegade Map, a limited super star, but usually a card that turns on Revolt in token decks. We have Prophetic Prism for card draw, and Inspiring Statuary gives your non artifact spells Inspire, which makes casting your Outcome in an 18 land deck even easier!

Outside of Paradoxical Outcome, how do we find these spells? Reverse Engineer is a nice draw three for what should amount to two mana whenever we are getting to cast it. Glint-Nest Crane does work as well, digging four deep and finding an artifact card. Artificer’s Assistant may be as important to the deck as Mox Amber is, as you get to scry 1 every time you cast an artifact. Well historic spell at least, so Baral will trigger the bird as well. Inventors’ Fair acts as a tutor whenever you have metalcraft, and with Mox Amber that will be much easier to do as well.

One thing I would recommend is not running Aetherflux Reservoir out there if you feel like they might have removal. It is the best way to win the game, and with one copy, if it’s dealt with you have a rather piddly air force left over. Commit can protect it, and Memory can shuffle it back in, but I feel like it’s just best to be safe. Baral’s Expertise can also buy us some time while also freely casting something important.

Is this deck the most optimal build? I don’t think it is, and that’s okay, because it is day one of the new format after all, but I do believe if the number of Abrades in the format stays in check that this unique build could do some work in the Standard format. If you like Storm decks, this one would be one for you!

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