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Daily Decklist – UW Superfriends – Standard

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Daily Decklist – UW Superfriends – Standard

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

Heya everyone, it’s time for another Daily Decklist, and this time we’re going to look at a really sweet Blue white deck that I found in the 5-0 results of the Standard leagues on MTGO! This deck is kind of a mix between UW Historic and Superfriends. It’s probably closer to Historic than I care to admit, but when I saw the playset of Karn’s Temporal Sundering I really fell in love with the deck. Thanks to a certain creature in the deck, we have the very real possibility to cast the legendary sorcery at instant speed, and if that isn’t the coolest thing in the world, I really do not know what is!

Getting to the creatures of the deck, we have Lyra Dawnbringer which is of course a super five drop for the deck that can soak up lost life from the aggro match ups and threaten to the win the game in a hurry against the control decks of the format. Raff Capashen, Ship’s Mage is the backbone of the deck though. With this creature in play you can cast historic spells as if they had flash. Your planeswalkers can come in to play at the end of your opponent’s turn if you are holding up mana. Karn’s Temporal Sundering can bounce a permanent and give you an extra turn at instant speed. Lyra can become a surprise supersized lifegaining blocker. Treasure Map doesn’t have to be a turn two play in the deck with Raff Capashen in play. History of Benalia can also be cast at instant speed and make you a smaller blocker if that is what is needed.

Moving on to the spells, we see Aether Meltdown, which I do believe is the proper response from a blue white deck to the rising amount of Heart of Kiran and Knight of Malice running all over the format. Where Seal Away and Cast Out fail, Meltdown can negate those two creatures. It is not a clean solution, but having removal for those two is not the worst thing for the deck to have. Of course not every deck will be running those two cards, so Seal Away is here as well, giving us another removal option. Cast Out is the last bit of removal here, able to deal with things that are not just creatures, or cycle if you need to find something else, like a land drop. Karn’s Temporal Sundering is really my most favorite card in the deck, as I love taking extra turns. Syncopate protects your key spells while also exiling, which isn’t the worst thing with The Scarab God starting to run around a bit more. Treasure Map scries and finds what need, boosts our mana, and helps us draw cards in the late game when it flips. Search for Azcanta does nearly the same thing, but instead of drawing a card you just pick the best valid one you can whenever you activate it. History of Benalia is a saga that helps us cast our Legendary sorcery, but is also really good at making token creatures and then running over our opponent while also having the ability to block if the need arises.

Finally we are to the Planeswalker part of the article, where I have to figure out a way to tell you that Gideon of the Trials, Karn, Scion of Urza and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria are good cards and that they fit perfectly in this deck, not only because of the synergy that they have with Raff Capashen, but also because you can cast Karn’s Temporal Sundering with them in play. Also none of the three really suck, Gideon helps to keep you or your walkers alive by making your opponent’s best creature deal no damage. Teferi does it because he helps draw you cards and can untap important lands which can allow us to cast more spells, and Karn can make blockers as well, but is better suited at card advantage.

It’s almost like writing about Walking Ballista

The rest of the week I am going to look outside of Standard, and next week, after the Pro Tour is over I’m going to talk about the sweetest lists from the event!

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