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Daily Decklist – WG Tokens – Standard

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Competitive Magic, Standard

Daily Decklist – WG Tokens – Standard

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

Yesterday morning, while writing this piece, I got a wild idea in my head to update WordPress. I wasn’t really feeling great to begin with and needed to take a break to make the room stop spinning. I figured I would save the piece, update the site and go on from there.

Not only did the WordPress fail to update, but it also ate my article. I kept trying to update it, and it just decided to not do so, so instead of possibly breaking the site, I decided instead to just not update it. We’re still working on the dang pop up issues as well, but that stuff is well above my pay grade, and honestly I don’t really have an idea of what I am doing while I am editing, so me trying to figure out how to take out malicious code would probably end up with me somehow erasing every bit of student debt in the country as well.

That’s not the worst idea, and it’s not likely to happen, I’m just not likely to be able to be the one to fix the issue either. Always forward it’s time to leave updates behind and get to the deck that would have been published yesterday, and then get to the deck that is going up normally today.

Right now we’re talking tokens, from Hashep to Shefet. No wait, that’s a forced reference to The Simpsons, and I am not going to try to make a full chorus fit in a Magic world. What I will do is go over the deck quickly!

This is a GW tokens list that looks to go wide with the help of the token producers in the deck. Memorial to Glory, while expensive, makes two at instant speed. Legion’s Landing starts off by making one, but can make more when the enchantment inevitably flips. Saproling Migration makes two in the early game, and four in the late, or maybe it makes four the turn after you land a Song of Freyalise. Servo Exhibition makes two at sorcery speed for two mana. Angel of Invention should make two as well, but I can understand if you want to make the Angel a bit bigger with the Fabricate mechanic. Sram’s Expertise gives you three and lets you cast a spell that costs 3 or less for free as well. With a ton of tokens in play we should be able to out creature our opponent, but having a bunch of 1/1s does not really get the job done in this format. We’re gonna need to make those creatures a threat, and to do that we need to buff them, preferably with something that is not Radiant Destiny, because there is a lot of different token types in the deck. Servos, make up the majority. Angels, Humans, Saprolings and Vampires all contribute to the cause as well, but wouldn’t benefit from the Destiny buff.

Benalish Marshal at least gives our team a +1 bonus. Angel of Invention as mentioned earlier for making tokens, also gives a +1 bonus as well. Shefet Dunes is a desert based sorcery speed bonus for the entire team, and Hashep Oasis is more like a knife instead of the lasers that are the other buffs. Still a Giant Growth is pretty dang good too! Pride of Conquerors is where the game should be ending though. Pride has ascend, and getting the City’s Blessing from all the tokens we have should not be an issue. Giving the team +2 to both sides makes 3/3s out of 1/1s normally, and that is not counting whatever other buffs are in play as well. It also combos well with Song of Freyalise. When the song finishes, the creatures get a small bonus, but also trample, vigilance and indestructible. Pride of Conquerors is a great encore for Freyalise!

With so many tokens in the deck, Shanna, Sisay’s Legacy is a harder to remover heavy hitter! She can act as a copy of The Abyss when she’s attacking or blocking because she often times should be the biggest creature on the board. Of course, if you don’t want your opponent to block, and just want to offer up a bit of disruption, Thopter Arrest removes the best creature or artifact that your opponent has in play for the low cost of 2W.

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