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Deck of the Week: Auras

Written by Joshua Claytor on . Posted in Historic

Deck of the Week:  Auras

Joshua Claytor

Joshua is the current content manager of Legitmtg.com and Puremtgo.com.

Jumpstart hits Arena tomorrow, or today if you’re reading this on Thursday.  While we are not getting the super cool cards like Reanimate, Exhume, Ball Lightning or Rhystic Study, (I understand why we’re not getting them, these cards would break Historic, but come on, I just want to Reanimate something) we are getting some neat ones in Archon of Justice, Curiosity, Innocent Blood and Dualcaster Mage, among others. 

The one I am most excited about is a staple in the Modern format, and an effect I have longed to have in most of the decks I try to build in the Historic format.  We don’t have the hexproof creatures to really back it up, and we are missing some of the really powerful auras that Modern and Pioneer offer, but we’re not far off. 

I believe that taking advantage of Kor Spiritdancer is going to be easy peasy in the format. 

While Bogles is a Green White deck in Modern, I’m going to be pulling more inspiration from Sram Auras and Azorius Auras from Pioneer for this build.  We do miss out on stuff like Ethereal Armor, Cartouche of Solidarity and Gryff’s Boon, I was able to rank up to Diamond last season with an Azorius take on the deck.  Staggering Insight and Curious Obsession were real good Magic cards for me that season, but the deck lacked reach and I ran out of gas, even with eight auras that drew cards for me.  I tried to splash for Season of Growth, but all that did was wreck a perfectly fine manabase and make me upset. 

Let’s take a look at what I would want to add from the cards that are entering the format soon. 

In white, besides Kor Spiritdancer, there is nothing coming to Arena that I would consider for the deck.  I want the auras in the deck to cost two or less, that way we can still take advantage of Lurrus as a companion, despite the nerf.  Path to Exile would have been fun to try out, but it’s not coming to the client yet. 

In blue, Curiosity will be a card we start in the sixty.  The rest of the blue cards, well, Exclude seems neat, but it’s not for this deck.

The multicolored, artifacts and lands do not offer anything for this deck.  That’s okay.  It’s going to be hard enough as it is finding space for the two cards that I want to try out. 

With that said, let me work out a decklist. 

The version I was running last season was a bit heavier on counterspells, because I was just so tired of losing to Nexus of Fate, and with that cards banning, Dovin’s Veto seems like it can move back in to the sideboard. 

The aurabase for the deck was fairly simple.  I ran four copies each of Staggering Insight and Curious Obsession.  Getting to draw extra cards from an early creature made their awful stats turn in to threats.  Gingerbrute by itself isn’t super threatening.  Gingerbrute that gains life and draws a card?  That’s a bit more than a minor pest.  After those eight, All That Glitters was the next to be added.  This card makes even Ornithopter a must deal with card.  Sentinel’s Eyes was another aura that we maxed out on, as it plays well with Alseid of Life’s Bounty against the aggro decks of the format, allowing it to swing in and gain life, and block and gain life.  The escape was nice from the Eye, and being able to trigger Spiritdancer extra times would be great as well, but I just don’t think we have the room for it, considering what we want to do with the deck. 

We want to make a one drop, and then we want to start drawing cards as soon as possible.  Arcane Flight would probably be better than Sentinel’s Eyes now anyways, because of the possibility of giant Spiritdancers flying over the top. 

Our enchantments look like this right now. 

Those sixteen auras have to have targets, and I have mentioned most of them already.  Stonecoil Serpent is the one that I haven’t talked about yet.  It’s a scalable threat that has trample, reach and protection from Teferi. It’s not the worst one drop, though it’s not ideal there, and it’s a great 6 drop if the game goes that long. 

The creatures in the deck look like this. 

Those 20 creatures have access to a really great support spell in the format as well, with four copies of Karametra’s Blessing rounding out the forty that we start with. 

Our manabase is meh, a set of Glacial Fortress and Hallowed Fountain are combined with basics and Fabled Passage, which we can use to thin out the deck and keep us hopefully from running in to to many lands while we are drawing through the deck with Kor Spiritdancer.

Here is the full deck list in actual form! 

The sideboard would of course start off with multiple copies of Dovin’s VetoMystical Dispute would also be there.  With Lurrus, that feels like 9 cards are already spoken for in the board!  With the format being as shaken up as it will be, I’m sure that any sideboard work will be changing quickly. 

A lot of cool stuff is going to happen to the Historic format, especially now that Nexus of Fate and Burning Tree Emissary are gone.  I can’t wait to see how it shapes up! 

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