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Enigma Drake

Written by James Heslip on . Posted in Casual Magic

Enigma Drake

James Heslip

James is a budget Magic connoisseur who values silly strategies and rogue decks. He has been playing Magic since 1998, and competing in Legacy events since 2010. When he is not teaching high school English, he can be found brewing Casual and Legacy decks to play with his students and peers. Always appreciative of feedback, he loves it when people send suggestions and share crazy decks with him!


Hello metaphorical audience. Did you know that Spellheart Chimera and Enigma Drake are cool cards? I wonder what a deck based on them would look like. I also wonder if it would be less than $10…
The Core

Spellheart Chimera and Enigma Drake are the reason we are building the deck, so everything we do needs to revolve around them. We want to make them as big as possible, and protect them until the point that they crush our opponent. Cards like Mental Note do this for us: with the casting of a single spell, we add three to the graveyard. This is a potential permanent boost of three additional power to our Spellthresh creatures (Drake and Chimera). Faithless Looting and Strategic Planning continue this strategy. Each will help us cantrip into additional finishers while also filling our graveyard with spells to feed their strength. If everything goes as planned, the flying monsters will easily reach ten or more power in just a few turns, making quick work of anything in their way.

The Backup

With finishers and millers out of the way, we need some spells that can help us interact with our opponent. Bonus points if they aid or work in synergy with our core strategy. Spite of Mogis, for example, is a card that can put in some work here. Not only does it benefit from our self-milling strategy, it also adds to the strategy by being a sorcery. Use it to protect yourself from early threats, and don’t be surprised in the late game if you are casting Mogis for over ten damage.

While not as powerful, Flame Slash is another cheap removal option that we can cast early on for protection. It doesn’t synergize completely with our game plan, but the high damage for low cost makes it worth the inclusion. Pyroclasm plays a similar role, and allows us to survive against swarm strategies. Both our finishers have more than two toughness, so we don’t need to worry about losing them to the fire.Because we are playing so few threats, we need some surefire ways to protect them. Negate seems like a good pick, as it doesn’t have the late game fall off potential of something like Spell Pierce. I like Dive Down, too, because of the added toughness. Our fliers only get a bonus to their attack for every spell in the graveyard, and nothing else. Dive Down changes this, and allows for potential combat tricks. Izzet Charm simply feels like it was made for this deck. It has a protection mode, a burn mode, and a graveyard filling mode all in one!
The Final List

Playing the Deck

Our first order of business is to start filling our graveyard right away. Play Faithless Looting and Mental Note with no fear. Any spell that ends up in the graveyard is just one more point of damage our Drake or Chimera will deal to our opponent. Use Flame Slash and Spite of Mogis to burn away anything that moves.
When the graveyard is sufficiently filled, our finishers can enter the ring. Know that eight creatures are all we have to try and kill our enemy. Every Drake and Chimera is important. Because of this, you want to consider your opponent’s removal options. If needed, you may want to play your Spellthresh creature only when you have a protection spell and the mana to cast it. Otherwise, you may lose them to a Swords to Plowshares, and then die trying to find another. The good news is that you won’t have to protect them for very long. With the number of self mill options we have, it should only take a couple swings from a single Chimera or Drake to end it all. Two or three of the beaters in play is usually game over.

Careful Study and Thought Scour are major considerations. We are already playing similar versions of each, but additional copies would only help. There are a slew of potential two-cost spells that both draw us cards and fill our graveyard. Notable mentions are Cathartic Reunion and Chart a Course.If you think you need more creatures in the deck, Delver of Secrets, Academy Elite, Warfire Javelineer, Cryptic Serpent, and Curious Homunculus are all additional options. Elite and Javlineer seem most at home here because of their similar abilities to our Spellthreshers, but you can’t deny the strength of the Serpent. If you do decide to increase your creature count, just be aware that this means you will be playing fewer spells as a result. This will weaken your Spellthresh creatures.Force Away and Stubborn Denial are two protection spells that are an easy fit. Making our Drake and Chimera Ferocious is simple, to say the least, which means we can get the most out of these blue instants. Spell Pierce, Mizzium Skin, Mage’s Guile, and Veil of Secrecy are all good at keeping creatures alive in their own way. If you’re made of money you can just play Force of Will, too.


Straightforward and full of power, this deck packs a punch. What did you think? Let me know on my facebook page. You can also email me at Spooky386@gmail.com.

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