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Finance in a Flash: Blind Faith

Written by LegitMTG Staff on . Posted in Finance, Magic Culture

Did you know?

Leyline of Sanctity is $10 TCG Mid. Who knew M11 had so many Modern hits?

Quick hits

1. Aurelia’s Fury is obviously powerful in a flashy and absurd way. It’s already preordering in the high $20s and I doubt it’ll stay that low during the first two weeks of Gatecrash’s release.

2. It’s hard to mention Aurelia’s Fury without thinking of its obvious and literal counter: Frontline Medic. While I don’t like preordering the Medic at $5-6, ignoring the effect he will have on Standard is idiotic. Bonfire of the Damned and Sphinx’s Revelation have been put in very awkward spots because of the Medic; I do not think they will maintain their current price. (Skullcrack is obviously a beating versus Revelation as well, and Aurelia’s Fury will probably replace Bonfire in many decklists).

3. Huntmaster of the Fells is everywhere from Nightshade Peddler decks to Human Reanimator to Naya Humans as well as the various 3- or 4-color Midrange good stuff decks. He is already climbing and if you haven’t got yours yet, you need to hurry.

4. Olivia Voldaren has been reduced to one of Huntmaster’s minions in the Peddler decks as well as some of the Midrange strategies. This is a good thing because previously she wasn’t really being played at all. She’s down to $13 TCG Mid, saw a lot of play at GP Atlantic City, and is a decent pickup. (I wouldn’t go too deep, though.)

5. I suspect the Auras finals at GP Atlantic City will have lots of people turning toward Liliana of the Veil in an attempt to answer giant hex proof monsters. While I don’t see a lot of money in her, I think people will be needing her for Standard again and they haven’t for a while.

6. Geist of Saint Traft was below $30 for the first time in a while, but then GP Atlantic City happened. I’m unsure whether there will be much of a price bump (maybe $5-$10), but people will want to build the Standard Auras deck so it will behoove you to have some available. I had this written before Glaring Spotlight was spoiled. While I doubt this actually effects Geist’s long-term price, it may make some people look to dump theirs on the cheap before Gatecrash hits. I’ll be happy to pick them up.

7. Silverblade Paladin has a lot of momentum behind it right now because of the GP win and the Boros hype we’re seeing from the Gatecrash previews. I think it’ll hit $14 TCG Mid in the next month.

8. Boros is coming, the Charm has told us so. I have seen predictions of $8-$10 Champion of the Parishes and Ash Zealots, which makes me confused. How are they planning on casting Ash Zealot after Champion of the Parish consistently? For that matter, going from Ash Zealot to Silverblade Paladin or Ajani, Caller of the Pride (which seems awful in a deck with battalion) requires a nonbasic. I think Ash Zealot is a great card, but I don’t think it’s going above the $3-$5 it’s selling at now despite the hype.

9. Prime Speaker Zegana is pretty gross. I severely underrated this at first, perhaps forgetting that Thragtusk and Restoration Angel were legal in Standard. Normally I wouldn’t like her at $12, but this set is so bad that decent mythics will spike to compensate for all the near bulk casual gold Gatecrash seems to be filled with. (Keep an eye on Domri Rade because of this as well). There’s a chance she hits a madeup number after the Pro Tour like the $35 Huntmasters last February.

10. Thespian’s Stage has a very bright future as an auto-include in nearly every Commander deck from now until forever. Keep an eye out for foils because they will be worth money in a few years. The most obvious comparison competitively is Vesuva, and for the most part all Vesuva does these days is copy Cloudpost. It’s much better at that than Thespian’s Stage, though perhaps there’s room for both in 12 Post decks. At the very least, Stage is interesting and is one card away from being nuts if Wizards messes up in the next year.

Last Word

When Blind Obedience was previewed I closed the tab and went about checking the other new articles for the day. After a minute or two, I felt myself make a stupid face and went back to Dailymtg.com to reread what the card did. Blind Obedience is a giant beating and one of the best cards in Gatecrash.

The list of things this card wrecks in Standard is pretty insane. In control, tapping out for Supreme Verdict or Terminus is no longer terrifying versus the various insane haste creatures the format has to offer like Thundermaw Hellkite, Falkenrath Aristocrat and Hellrider. In an aggressive deck, Blind Obedience makes it so much harder for the opponent to stabilize because their blockers are delayed a turn. Thragtusk? Sweet, kill you. It also keeps you safe from Restoration Angel and anything it blinks, while also giving you the reach that extort provides.

Drawing multiple isn’t even bad in the mid- to late-game because of the incremental damage extort provides when you’re aggressive and the incidental lifegain when you’re control. It also helps keep you out of burn range while not getting blown out by Skullcrack.

It would be one thing if Blind Obedience was only insane in Standard, but this isn’t the case. In Modern it wrecks all of the various Kiki-Pod, and Splinter Twin decks as well as Eggs. I think it will hit $7-plus at some point during its time in Standard, and will be a sideboard card in Modern for years to come.

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